From: Tish (newtish)

Date: 9/4/17

So this year continues to be one of the worst for a while. 

6 weeks ago my mum had a fall and broke her rib. Not wanting to be a nuisance she didn't go to the doctor for nearly a month. Of course by then she contracted influenza A. She has been incredibly ill.

Then 10 days ago my oldest daughter moved up to Brisbane in the Sunshine state of Queensland. She now lives 14 hours north of us. She has a fantastic new job and new life.

Following her move my son in law has gone down to Melbourne to study for three weeks. 

Then the day after they left my other daughter had a car accident with her son in the back. The front end of the car is in bad condition but she and Zac are ok. My son and I scooted down there to make sure they were ok and Zac was sick with a throat infection and a high temp. That was cool, we came home and our daughter rang us a few days later, she had caught the bug. 

She had a very high temp for 3 days but was coming good. But Saturday morning things turned pear shaped. She was admitted to hospital with bilateral pneumonia and bradycardia and she is still there. I am going down to Canberra tomorrow to stay and look after her and Zac until my son in law gets back in 2 weeks. I will be at leat 2 weeks maybe 3 before I get back.

So I hope you are all understanding why the posting has dropped off again. 

The last 5 years have been one catastrophe after another. I know God has a plan but at times I wish He would give me a hint to when these challenges and sad times will come to an end.

We would appreciate prayer for everything that I have shared and the other stuff I haven't as well. 


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