From: daPuffin (CANEGURU)

Date: 3/30/06

Can't believe Cassie's been here almost a week.  

She and Mani are working out the pack hierarchy still.

Mani has a tendency to body-slam her to the ground a lot outside.  It's getting better inside. 

I tell you though, with the body slamming skill Mani and Cassie exhibit, I wish I could teach them to roller skate.  They could star in their own Roller Derby team.  LOL!

My theory with Mani's behavior is that he's jealously guarding Don and me as "resources."  Gotta convince him that he will get no less love because we have a new family member.  I also am not too worried about this pack-order stuff because Mani doesn't show real aggressive stuff like lip curls... just bratty boisterousness.  His vocalizations don't sound angry or aggressive either as a rule.

Somewhat complicating matters is the fact that Mani is in heavy puppy coat blow and is basically a mat factory right now.  We spend an hour or so each night at the grooming table working out as much as we can.  Saturday, I will try to clear him up and give him a bath and heavy cream rinse.  He's pretty dirty and a dirty coat will tend to mat more.

And the behavior is getting better inside.  After a little "discussion" over who gets what chewie, they tend to mellow out and settle down.  The one picture here shows them at some distance from one another; I've seen them much closer and getting along. 

Tricker is working out meals and exercise/training schedules.  We'll leave that discussion for another post because I'm tired right now and have to go do other things.  Stay tuned.  =)

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