From: daPuffin (CANEGURU)

Date: 3/25/06

My name is Kizmet's Korintje Cassia, but you may call me Cassie.  The lady who owns my mum and dad called me The Bratt.  I just flew in from Florida (and are my paws tired!)  Now I live in a place called West Seattle with 4 really funny looking dogs (Mom and Dad call them "cats") who don't really want to play with me, Mom, Daddy and a new boyfriend named Mani. 

Mani is so much bigger than me!  (The lady who owns my mom and dad in Florida says I'll probably grow up to be under 20 pounds.  We'll see.) He knocks me down and stuff, but I'll show him.  I won't always be littler than him, and Mom says I'm a total sweetheart.  I'm giving her my sweet feminine act quite a bit and showing how very gentle a girl doggie can be.  I am a bit of a tomboy though, as you can see by how quickly I got my face and paws all muddy.   LOL!  I also like to step in my water dish, which cleans off my paws very nicely.

I'm not really smiling in the second picture.  Mani was rude to me (I'm not that kind of a girl!) and I was snarling.  Mom says it looks like I was grinning at him, tho.

I hope I get to know you well, and Mom and Daddy say there will be lots of pictures uploaded to the critter gallery site.

Woofs and kisses!
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