From: daPuffin (CANEGURU)

Date: 3/19/06

Re: Mani
    He's doing pretty well, considering the E-collar is not something he's very happy about.  He gets around quite well, except he refuses to go up the steps to the house from the back yard.  He goes down them very well.  He's getting spoiled and loved a lot.  Showing the effects of not getting his nice long daily walk, but we're supposed to keep him quiet for a few days.  He's snoozing as I write this. 

Re: New Puppy
    Looks pretty sure she'll be arriving at SeaTac next Friday night.  I'll be off Saturday and Sunday and Don will be off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to help acclimate her and Mani.   We're pretty excited (and more than a tad apprehensive) about the further TTerrorist invasion, but it should be good for Mani once we work out the routine.  My incredible dogsitter is not raising the rate right away, but only if it takes significantly longer to care for the two than for the one pup, and then will only raise the rate by $3/visit.  More than reasonable, to my way of thinking! 

Re: Meds
    Well, I'm on day 3 of the replacement med for CFS.  Playing with dosages and figuring out what works best for me and will still allow me to sleep at night.  Still pissed I couldn't get the Provigil covered by Regence, but what can I do?  Nothing.  Doctor and I both tried our best, but they won't cover it and I won't pay $500/month just to stay awake for a career that I don't really love.  This one is only $10/month.

Re: Ravensdale
    It's looking like I will probably have somebody I know from the TT list come out to care for Mani, Cassie and the cats in-house next August.  She has stellar references and only asks that I pay her airfare out (it is her way of getting to travel a bit and see different parts of the country), which is not much more than kenneling would cost and much much better for the furkids.  She'll even tend to the TT coats, which would cost another minor fortune if I had it done at a boarding kennel.  I'll prolly spring for an economy rental car for her, too, so she can do a little sightseeing and can cope with any (heaven forbid) emergencies.  All told under $500 for peace of mind while I'm away. 

Re: Work
    They treat me pretty well, all things considered, but I'm pretty bored.  I am a fast worker and end up having far too much time on my hands, but don't really want to take on another attorney.  The good news is that so long as the work gets done, they don't seem to care if I do some web surfing.  I also am getting paid better than I was at the last job and there are less mean people, so boredom beats the stress of Perkins, hands down.  Just wish I had a good on-going project to do when everything is caught up - including filing.

Guess that's about it for the moment.  Pictures of Cassie are up on Mani's gallery site and more pics of everybody will be forthcoming there. 

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