Date: 6/12/17

Netflix has just released a documentary called "I am Jane Doe" which every parent in the world should watch. It is the current story of how members of the US Congress (passing USC regulation 230 under the Federal Comunications Decency Act) give immunity to web site companies for 3rd party ads and the support of criminal activity is upheld by US Judges putting a perversion of the US Constitution by business men, and women, ahead of the welfare of children. THE layout of is as basic as it gets but behind the bland black and blue text is a sophisticated operation. What at face value appears to be a website trapped in the 1990s is in fact leaps and bounds ahead of those chasing it. It’s advantages are two-fold. First, it has gained and maintained a reputation as the one place where, at any time of day or night, young women can be found “seeking sex with men”. Most of those women are actually girls who have been abducted, recruited or seduced into a world they never wanted to be a part of.

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