From: Grey Lensman (GreyLensman2)

Date: 5/31/06

Earlier this spring, a pair of geese decided to nest in a corner adjacent to the glass-enclosed entry to the office building where I work. Mom was no problem, sitting on the nest most of the time, not bothering anybody. But for a couple of days, Dad blocked the doorway and chased a few people who got close, so they had to go halfway around the building to another entrance. Eventually, a detente was established, and he kept vigil from across the parking lot, allowing us access.

After a couple of months, we were becoming concerned that the eggs might not hatch, when one Monday morning someone noticed a movement under Mom's wing, and a small yellow-green head popped up. All six eggs had hatched. Within hours of the first sighting, they were up and wandering around, and then Mom and Dad began to move them out of the nest. It was a rainy morning, so there were plenty of wonderful puddles to swim in and plenty of grass to nibble. Then the migration began to a new home.

When I brought out my camera and approached to start taking pictures, Dad got protective. And hostile. He charged right at me, hissing angrily. I leaned over and hissed right back at him. Ever see a surprised goose? He stopped, looked at me, bobbed his head up and down a couple of times, then backed off. I still don't know what I said, but he hasn't talked to me since! <g>

Oh, yes... The eggs all hatched a couple Sundays ago. On Mother's Day!

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