From: Grey Lensman (GreyLensman2)

Date: 5/27/06

I was fishing with my son when I put on a pair of polarizing "blue blocker" sunglasses - the amber colored type.  When I saw how the green leaves turned white, I decided to try putting the sunglasses in front of a different lens. Then at home, playing around, I tried converting the orange-tinted images to grayscale using my favorite quick editor. A little extra contrast, and suddenly I had something fairly close to an image shot through a red filter on infrared film.

These were taken along the Delaware Canal (which parallels the Delaware River) in Washington Crossing Park, Bucks County, PA. Think George, wooden teeth and all, standing in a crowded rowboat. Icy river. Flag flying. Trenton, NJ. Christmas Eve. That Washington Crossing.


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