From: Fancy (Silverowl1)

Date: 1/5/12

The holiday was so nice.  I had 3 weeks off.  It felt so good.  The boys went to see Grampa in Phoenix for a week and had a blast.  Grampa even gave the oldest son his motorcycle.  Wow. 

Youngest has had some trouble, but is ok now.  He broke his arm and had to have surgery and then someone smashed his car while it was parked in the lot of the apartments where he lives.  It was totalled. 

I managed to get my long cross country done during the break and I will be hopefully taking my check ride in February.  I just want it over.

I am at the end of my time off and I start a 5 week thing on Sunday.  I know - I shouldn't have taken this many in a row, but the money is hard to pass up.  I really want to get things paid off so I can move.  So I will be in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Idaho, Texas and back to Oklahoma for this bunch of classes. 

I took a week off in February and then I work for a month and I took a week off in March.  The kids have spring break that week and we are all going to Phoenix. 

Scott got me Rosetta Stone French for Christmas.  I am looking forward to learning it.  I just wish I didn't have to study for the check ride too.  Ah well. 

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