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From: Jerry (VAJARA)

Date: 7/16/15

Gerald W. Vest I am working on my "compassionate listening" that is often very difficult in these hateful times with the Repubs working every day to destroy our President. 12 Apr 2008 @ 23:34 by jerryvest : This is a very good book on dealing with our Anger. April 10, 2008 "Compassionate Listening Relieves Suffering. When a person’s speech is full of anger, it is because he or she suffers deeply. Because he has so much suffering, he becomes full of bitterness. He is always ready to complain and blame others for his problems. This is why you find it very unpleasant to listen to him and try to avoid him. To understand and transform anger, we must learn the practice of compassionate listening and using loving speech. Listening with compassion can help the other person to suffer less. Yet, even if you have the best intentions, you cannot listen deeply unless you train yourself in the art of compassionate listening. If you can sit down quietly and listen compassionately to that person for one hour, you can relieve a lot of his suffering. Listen with only one purpose: to allow the other person to express himself and find relief from his suffering. Keep compassion alive during the whole time of listening. Listen with your whole being: eyes, ears, body, and your mind. If you know how to practice mindful breathing and can stay focused on the desire to help him find relief, then you will be able to sustain your compassion while listening." Thich Nhat Hanh, _Anger-Wisdom for Cooling the Flames_, pp. 3-4.

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