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From: Jerry (VAJARA)

Date: 5/3/15

Bellaruth's beautiful music helps our vets sleep, relax and recover from war trauma.... 3 Years Ago Today See Your Memories Gerald W. Vest May 3, 2012 · I recommend "Mind-Body Exercises for Stress Hardiness Optimization" for all of our returning Warriors and their Families. Stress, Anxiety & Depression are the Three Killers (Ichazo) that can be healed, restored and energized as an antidote to these catastrophic injuries and wounds. I have shared these Videos by Belleruth Napstar who produced them for the Military. You will be able to relax and enjoy the experiences that are beyond words. Anyway, do visit Belleruth and treat yourself to some great music and "Health Journeys." I love Bellaruth's beautiful programs....thank you for allowing me to reproduce them for our Injured Warriors...they thank you as well.… jerry

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