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From: Jerry (VAJARA)

Date: 12/30/14

Gerald W. Vest - New Year Plans After the New Year sets in, I would like to introduce our Healthy, Nourishing and Skillful Touch Program while also including a session on releasing stress and anxiety with Foot, Hand and Face methods. Couples, practitioners and others looking for strengthening and improving essential relationships must include health tools for every system....starting with our hands and feet is exactly how we got around as we came out into our New World--our first Basic Human Need requirements of giving and receiving touch were open to us for a short period in our Life. I suspect that most illness and lack of recovery comes from the absence and lack of safe, skillful and nourishing Tough. Every one of our systems heals, restores and recovers while experiencing Mindful Touch. More so, however, prevent all the pain, suffering, vulnerability with healthy Touch. Opens up all of the blocked energies and energizes all of the systems with Chi--Vital Energy. The opposite of Sickness is NOT Health. Health as I recall from all of my great teachers is an Experience that is in dynamic and interactive, unified relationship with All that Is--All seeking Equilibrium, Balance and Harmony. In other words, We are All One, aware or not. Awaken Consciousness through these integrative and holistic health practices so we can join our Being (often referred to as human) , with Nature. El Perfecto See my recent log that goes into more detail about the Power of Touch united with the Vitality of our Breath producing a healing response far superior than any pill or antipsychotic drug will perform. Join our team and experience for yourself. Bring a friend, colleague and partner. Will keep you Posted on forthcoming activities and workshops.

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