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From: The Mommylady (tnahpele)

Date: 11/17/08

Warning: Charlie is back to thinking 4:40 a.m. is a nice time to wake up. Eighteen hours and a really full stress day and this is bound to be a scrambled mess but here we go.

Shake the Hamm

Sometimes interpreting Cal is frustrating - but most of the time it is so fun! Yesterday he brought me one of his CARS - Hamm - and told me to shake it. I was less than interested and not paying attention to his repeated attempts for me to shake it for the money (in fact I sort of wondered if Scott was watching some inappropriate on tv). Finally I listened well enough to realize that he was wanting me to shake the Hamm for the money to come out. Hamm, while a CARS car is actually a character from the Toy Story movies - a new passion of Cal's. Hamm is a pig , a piggy bank to be exact. In the movie they shake Hamm and money falls out. I'm thinking a piggy bank might show up on Santa's list this year.

A tasty treat?

We try to talk to Cal about his days at school to help him understand conversation. To say we have mixed success would be a bit of a stretch to the good. However, the near-seven-year-old humor most definitely IS hiding in there. His most enthusiastic discussion with us by far was the recounting of the instruction: "Em-ma, don't eat the boo-gars." He thought it was hilarious. We ask if Cal ate the boo-gars. He claimed no with his finger dangerously close to his nose. (Names changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent).

Early bird meets Betty Crocker

So last Friday, a school day/work day, I had to wake both boys. Saturday morning at 5, Charlie was wide awake and not happy. By 5:20, he was screaming. So we gave up on bed and came downstairs. After 10-15 minutes, he calmed down, I read forums and then decided to be productive. By 9 a.m., I had rolled, cut and baked two batches worth of sugar cookies, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and loaded it again, tidied up the living room and made chicken salad from a rotisserie chicken. Of course I was ready for a nap by then too.

Yeah, sure, bring the presents

We're preparing for a visit from the in-laws and will be celebrating Christmas with them at that time. We talk with my FIL at least once a week and always have it on speaker so Cal can talk and Charlie can make his presence known too. Two weeks ago, FIL told Cal he was coming to see him soon. Cal was playing and didn't really react. So FIL threw in the carrot that there would be presents when he came. Sunday FIL again told Cal he was coming to see him. Cal's remark: "Present surprise for Cal!" And he is really looking forward to seeing Gramps too. I promise.

Say "you handle it!"

Saturday I suggested to Scott that maybe this year we should just try to get a somewhat decent shot of the boys for Christmas. Scott isn't buying - to him, we should have the family Christmas picture. Okay, so as soon as he finds time for me to get a haircut, color my hair, cut Scott's hair, Cal's hair and Charlie's hair, find coordinating outfits and schedule the appointment, I promise to show up. Think that will work?

Goodnight JohnBoy

(cue cute little German girl . . .) "The sun has gone to bed and so must I-i. Good-bye." Yes, I really was in a production of The Sound of Music when I was a kid. I wasn't the cute little one though - I was Brigitta, the reader. That's a whole other story - made more interesting by the fact that I can't sing. Or dance. Then again New Haven High School is really, really far off Broadway.


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