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From: Shannon (SNOWBIRDI)

Date: 6/22/11

A common goal in life is to find someone to share that life with. Someone who is going to love you on the bloated days, hold your stomach so the cramps go away, someone you can make you laugh and hold you when you cry.

I have that person. I also have that person who when they decide they aren't going to have dinner at dinnertime but rather at 10 p.m. and that includes a run to the border, well he's considerate enough to ask me what I want. And as I love him, well I order right along with him.

We've been married for almost 13 years, together for 14 1/2. Since marriage, he's gained over 100 pounds and I've gained and lost about 50. Our first 3 years of marriage (ie, before kids) we ate out every single night. We didn't like to cook, we wanted to go out and when we ate, oh boy did we eat.

So this is why when he tries to lose weight, I sabotage him and vice versa. The last few nights, it's been all his fault! Not really, I just don't say no. We've talked about it, we've said "I have to do this for myself, please support me" and we have every intention of doing just that and then...we don't. We agree to go out for dinner, then it turns into lunch the next day and so on and so on.

In between those glutoness moments, I haven't been exercising. On Monday I stepped off the curb and something cracked in my right knee. It hurt like an SOB. Then that night son wanted to learn to ride his bike with no training wheels which had me running next to him (hey, that's exercise) and the day after, my knee was so swollen. So I've not walked since Saturday. Add to that some other medical issues...and I don't know how long this 4th incarnation of this blog is going to last.

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