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From: Showtalk

Date: 7/14/13

Note, the following is a completely unpaid Public Service Announcement for Delphi Forums Blogs.  Please, serve your online community and read it!!

The ongoing, current blog topic on Delphi is all about....blogs!  Who uses them, who doesn't, who reads them, who doesn't.  Since my blogs are sometimes controversial and I don't do controversies in my own forums, I stopped promoting mine in my links.  Now, I've decided for the sake of blogs to give up the controversies, unless they are blog or entertainment-related, and go back to posting a link.

So, if you're reading this now, you may be one of those who followed my link or one who regularly reads all the new updates on Delphi Blogs. Please take a minute and post a comment, not only in my blog but in the other active blogs here, so we can get an idea of who is reading and how you found us.  All the Delphi bloggers would appreciate it.

For more on Delphi Blogging, visit the Bloggers' Cafe

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