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From: Megan (megan92302)

Date: 5/8/09

I felt I should make an entry about Warren because it seems thats all I talk about in chat forums  (mostly I am the one who initiates this subject and everyone tolerates my jabbering on about my hubby.

Warren and I were in El Passo Texas visiting my daughter last month. This was supposed to be a 2 week vacation but 3 days after we arrived there, Warren began having severe pain in his abdomen.  We took him to the Del Sol hospital (15 minutes away) and we barely got him to the front desk before  he colapsed right infront of the receptionist. He was taken imediately into a room, an I.V. was inserted in his wrist and Morphene and Fenegran was administered. I was impressed with this because I know most hospitals would've wanted tests first before giving him this kind of meds. While they were doing these tests they found a hernea also!!

Tests found a kidney stone inside his right kidney that pretty much consumed his kidney and needed to be operated on. The reason he did not have pain like this before is because it was inside his kidney. But his kidney had backed up on him and was swollen....causing the pain.

We came right home, and made appointments for urology specialists to look at him. The local specialists would not touch something this big and referred him to Loma Linda hospital in So. California.

This surgery lasted 5 hours and they didn't get all the stone. They felt there needed to be a second surgery. So we came back 5 days later, and they did the second surgery, where they found 3 more stones the size of a centimeter. They also said there was debri left over from the first surgery that was in the ureter and they cleanned this out.

Warren is recouperating ok. Being a Fire Captain, its hard for him to sit in his chair all day and do nothing. Before he can go back to work full time tho he has to have surgery takeing care of this hernea and surgeons won't mess with that for atleast 3 months. He is looking at maybe light duty but he is waiting to hear what his batallion chief will tell him.

Its been a joy having Warren home. He does all the cooking and just having someone home to talk to is truly a treat!!!

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