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From: Sheryl (MSCHAR)

Date: 5/22/13

I don't update here very often because I have another blog elsewhere.  But it is kind of private, so I consider this on my 'public' blog.

So... I still haven't learned to play guitar very well, but I still aspire to being at least capable enough to accompany myself singing, since it seems many people look down on karaoke as 'not real singing'.

And speaking of singing - my chorus again took first place in our division at our regional competition and 4th place overall (up one from last year!)  At the time of our competition, we were in 2nd place internationally in our division, and if we remain in the top 5, we will be invited to the international competition.  The last two times we went to international, we came in second place - INTERNATIONALLY!  We were beat out both times by a chorus from Sweden.  So that made us the highest ranked small chorus (15-30 members) not just in the U.S., not just in North America, but in the whole Western Hemisphere!  We are waiting for the final results.  The regional competitions ended this past weekend and before these, we were still in 3rd place internationally - and there were only 4 more choruses to compete, so unless 3 of them knocked us down, we will be going to international :-)

Oh, another reason I wish I could play guitar better is because Roger and I are going camping this weekend and taking our guitars.  I will have to take music because I can't play without it.  But I do want to participate.  Someone once told me if I could learn three chords (G, C and D7) I could play pretty much any piece of 'rock' music.  I guess they were right because I found a book of songs that only use those three chords LOL That is the easiest 1, 4, 5 combination to play on the guitar, maybe with the exception of playing in E-minor.  But I'm still struggling with bar chords and playing in other than the first position.  And of course, I don't practice much, so I'm not going to get better by just wishing I was better.

Hmmm... in other news - I've lost 35 pounds so far, and have gotten my diabetes so much in control that in the last year my A1c has been between 5.9 and 6.2 consistently, and I've dropped my insulin from over 200 units a day to just 20 units at bedtime, and our goal is to eventually drop that number down to zero.

I still check into Delphi daily - mostly just looking in on my Healthy Living forum, but on rare occasions, I get curious and follow promotions.
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