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From: Sheryl (MSCHAR)

Date: 7/2/12

I auditioned for the chorus in February and was accepted :-)  In April we went to our regional competition and took first place in our division and fifth place overall :-)  This picture is of me holding our chorus trophy.  Now Roger calls me his trophy wife :-)

Martin GuitarI am also taking guitar lessons.  I recently bought myself a CF Martin guitar with a narrow body.  My Washburn accoustic was too wide for my arm to comfortably fit over.  I've had problems in the past with frozen shoulder and no longer have 100% range of motion.  My new guitar has a black matte finish.

For Valentine's Day, Roger bought me an Epiphone electric guitar.

With the Classical guitar I bought for taking classical guitar class at the local community college, that makes four.  I guess I had BETTER learn to play!!
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