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From: CAT (fun4CAT)

Date: 2/4/08

Would you like to send love & kisses to your Valentine or the members of your forum through The Zone Gazette? Post your Valentine's wishes here, and we'll publish them all in a special edition of The Zone Gazette as a lovely surprise!

Each Valentine's wish should be about 100 characters. Don't worry, if you want to post a longer one, the rest will be available with a link. Your message should include your Valentine's name at the start of the message, so it will be searchable on the page.

Just post a reply to this message, and the 1st 100 characters of your post will be what shows in your Valentine's message on the Gazette page. Be sure to address your Valentine in the first few words, so they'll know it's for them!

You're welcome to use graphics - they'll show in the full message, but not on our Valentine's greeting page.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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