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From: Fortunalee

Date: 10/1/07

I have a little toy over on the right side of the blog that lets you "paint" a canvas. You'll see it over there where there's a blank spot. Run your cursor over the blank spot, and you'll see what I mean. Click to change colors, use your space bar to get a fresh canvas. The widget is a "Pollack Painter", after the artist Jackson Pollack. Two of the paintings I've made with it are shown here. Give it a try, and see what you can do with it. There's no way to save your masterpiece, but you can take a screenshot. PrintKey2000 is a great little program that lets you easily save your screenshots.

Let me know if you enjoy the toy, and if you'd like for me to feature some of your masterpieces.

Name:  fortunapollack5.gifSize:  20 K
Name:  fortunapollack8.gifSize:  4 K

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