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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/16/10

I'm often shocked at the little spaces.

There are little spaces of time...little spaces that are meant to hold little things...little spaces where there should be little bits of music playing...little spaces where silence falls and people are always wondering what they should do to fill those little spaces.

I had a few instances of those little silent spaces this past weekend. I won't go into long boring details, but I found myself in the place of wondering who was going to break the silence first.

I like the silences, it's something that I don't get often enough in my day to day life. I rise earlier than the rest of my house so that I can have some silence and be completely selfish with it. I go to bed earlier than the rest of my house so I can find some silence and wind down into slumber within it, but it's that awkward in between silence that always amuses me so.

I think if I was left to my own, I would most likely be able to go days without talking.

However, I have one relationship that is VERY talk dependent and  I don't want to lose a second of that.

Since the last time I was on Delphi, so much has changed for me and even though I am here, it still very much feels like I am looking into a window of my past while at the same time trying to integrate the ME I have become with the ME I used to be. Will I be able to? Not sure... but it's been fun trying.

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