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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 12/17/07

T'was the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Everyone was drinking
And louder than loud
The carols were playing
And voices were high
And we kiddies knew
There’d be no silent night
The adults were sitting
In the living room
Started to sing in Gaelic
And we knew we were doomed
We would never hear Santa
Or see Rudolph’s nose
But we heard Auntie’s cussing
When she stubbed her toes
We’d lay there and giggle
All snug in our beds
Listening to the adults
Repeat the bad words they said
They would come and peek on us
From time to time
And we’d lay there like angels
So they’d think things were fine
The clamor, the clatter
Guitars played along
All too drunk to remember
An entire song
Then one by one
They all dropped into sleep
For an hour, sweet silence
No one spoke a peep
Then my little cousin
Whom I shall not name
Jumped up and down screaming
“Santa… he came!”
Up we’d all spring
From the places we’d bed down
And the adults, still drunk
All stumbled around
And we’d rip open paper
Cast off ribbons and bows
Hold gifts up for the camera
Blinded by flash-bulb glow
And my mother, god love her
The sane one in the bunch
Made sure we had breakfast
Made sure we had lunch
Never drank with the others
Always put us first
Dressed us up in our frills
And took us to church
She made sure to remind us
That there was a reason
That we all gathered round
Celebrating the season
And now as a mother
With kids of my own
I hope I’ve conveyed it
Since they are almost grown
The golden rule
By which we should live
Though it’s nice to receive
'Tis better to give…

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