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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 11/26/07

This past weekend was the seasonal holiday party with the company for which my husband works. He works for a BIG auto manufacturer and the party was some 5000+ people strong.
In the area in which I live, if you land a job at this automotive plant you have, in essence won the job lottery; however; I am getting sick and tired of the people who are letting this go to their heads.

The party theme this year was Cirque du Soleil complete with performance and an impressive performance it was. At the very end there were two extremely well built men balancing their completely ripped bodies off of each other and I leaned over to my friend and table mate and told her that Santa could bring me THAT for Christmas and of course she whole heartedly agreed, but…I digress…

Everyone dresses in their best and looks like a million bucks when they are walking in the door. You would think that you are attending some upscale wedding reception. Perfectly coiffed women in ball gowns and evening wear. Gentlemen in their three piece suits and tuxedos; Ah what a spectacle of perfection; until that is; the booze starts to flow.
Rapidly and somewhat suddenly the perfectly coiffed start to seem a little less poised and the essence of class seems to turn into a really bad episode of Jerry Springer right before the very eyes. Women tend to forget who their dates and/or spouses are and men either want to fight the free world OR decide it’s perfectly okay to feel up on women they don’t know.
I’ve never been one of the drunk before dinner crowd, so I sit and watch as the guise of class seems to melt into trailer part chic right before my very eyes.

People steal because they have lost all semblance of humanity. I won the table center piece this year and some unknown asshole stole it from me. It’s the act itself that annoys me, the center piece itself can be replace for about $15.00 at Wal-Mart. ONE per table, but it’s apparently not enough for some people and of course the upper class job lottery winners can do WHATEVER they want because they are ABOVE everyone else and don’t have to listen. I do have a name for this syndrome and it is shared among the spouses who have had to put up with it from their counterparts that work at the plant.

People lose their minds at these events. They forget who they are and let it all hang out, or perhaps the old saying that “Alcohol speaks truth,” isn’t that far off the mark and these people are showing their true blue colors. Either way, I’m just a wee bit ashamed to have been in their company, and I will rethink my attendance at this event in the future.

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