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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 11/8/07

  I am just returning after a two week internet/ Delphi hiatus. It is good to know that some things maintain the status quo while you are absent and it’s good to know that the information superhighway still speeds along no matter how many travelers are on the roads and that is just about all I have to say about that that.

Hot off the presses-
  As I sit here in the early morning hours with my daily morning news show jabbering in the background I hear that the child’s toy AQUA DOTS poses a threat to everyone if the little plastic beads are swallowed. Apparently there is GHB in these little plastic dots… how LOVERLY.
I live in a very drug infested part of Northern Ontario Canada. Now we have to worry about teens swallowing little plastic pellets to get high? Not to mention the fact that GHB is a well known date rape drug. I wonder how many little plastic pellets need to be swallowed to gain that effect.
I’m all for responsibility in reporting, but sensationalizing the effects of eating AQUA DOTS is just insane.  Now I have to be on the look out for colorful little plastic pellets? Well I know one toy my niece ( she’s 6) will not be getting for Christmas… and I was going to buy it for her too because she LOVES her arts and crafts.

Okay now let’s talk about the SNOW…
  I live in Canada. I live in semi northern Canada. I live in what is known as the “snow belt” and as each year when this white winter hell happens I am convinced that my DH moved me here because he hates me. He doesn’t worry too much about the snow. You know… he’s got that great white hunter/ fisher thing going on but I swear to all the Gods I believe in; if we had to rely on his skills for our daily bread we’d all be long since dead, but I digress. He also drives everywhere. A ten minute walk to the store is a two minute drive for him and he will take his car before he takes his feet.
I don’t do skiing and I don’t do toboggans and I might do skating at a nice indoor rink and I don’t shovel snow. I avoid the fluffy white wonderland at all costs and think that we should have exactly one day of winter; Christmas; and then it can go back to being 70 degrees, sunny , green and peaceful; sigh; it’s gonna be a long five or so months.

And I have to do this little side bar thingy…
  I am on facebook, I am on facebook mainly to keep in touch with and get to know family that I have not seen nor talked to in ages. I have connected with a great many people from my past and have allowed them into my present. That does not mean that I am going to allow everyone from my present to collide with my past.  If I talk to you here, I will most likely talk to you there, but there are lines that I draw. If you can find me… and it’s really not that hard, and I refuse your friend request it is for one of three reasons. The first being that I don’t talk to you here so there is no reason for us to become sudden friends there. I once spoke to you, but you’ve pissed me off and I have no desire to talk to you here or there… OR…there are simply parts of my life that I prefer to keep private and away from people who would either be shocked or not understand it and why delve into unnecessary hurt?  If you think you fall into one of those categories or aren’t sure if you do, then simply email me through my profile BEFORE sending a friend request. Simple enough isn’t it?

Discretion is the better part of valor…
  Another little side bar thingy….people please be DISCREET! I really don’t want all the gory details of your sex, or how your child was conceived or with what implements they were conceived.  All the LORDS and LADIES know that I have nothing against sex nor do I have anything against alternative loving OR the many different types and or beliefs if people trying desperately to conceive a child, but I don’t need step by step instructions that involve …hrmm… lets call them less than conventional methods.
If’n  y’all don’t stop it I’m going to start describing some very alternative sex … oh wait some people might want to know about what it is I do…* evil grin*

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