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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 10/21/07

It’s Sunday… ahhh the start of a brand new week, or for some the end of one because some people still insist that Sunday is the last day of the week and not the first and we won’t get into that argument. I will concede that in French it’s stated as the last day when reciting, but in English it’s the first day and does it really matter either way? It’s Sunday.

As I sit here this morning trying to find my whoo-saaa…( that means calm in case you were wondering) I find myself reflecting on some conversations I took part in yesterday. Some had meaning, some were all in good fun, one in particular sucked in ways I won’t even get into and is not over by a long shot, but all in all I’m in a fairly good whoo-saa place now that my morning caffeine injections seem to be working.

I was sitting here thinking about toxic people, Yeah I know, great thing to think of on a Sunday morning, but I was, so anyway, I was thinking about toxic people and I don’t think that I know one single person who doesn’t or hasn’t at one time or another have or had someone toxic in their lives. What is toxic anyhow? I guess the definition is as vast as there are people in the world, and some of us, I suppose are just toxic magnets.

Then I was sitting here thinking about home improvement… yes again… I get kind of one minded at times. I decided last night that I am going to strip and refinish my kitchen cabinets; Messy work, but worth it in the end if they come out looking nice, and if they don’t? No biggie, I’ll just paint them over with the new color scheme.
I watch entirely too many home improvement shows. If they are flipping a house or re-doing a room or renovating in some fashion I can’t help but watch it. It’s something I love doing and I love getting fantabulous ideas from the land of reno-TV.

I’m also a What not to Wear junkie, and I will confess that as I sit here within the confines of my humble abode that I am a what not to wear disaster, but wear it outside of the house? Umm…. Only of I feel like I am about to take my last breath! I personally think that Stacy and Clinton need to come to my town and hold some sort of fashion intervention. Friday night I saw a woman waiting for the city bus and her outfit just screamed CRACK WHORE CHIC! I was completely amused and then embarrassed for her. And hey I know what crack whore chic looks like… I used to live in downtown Toronto.

Let me hold a mini intervention for the 30 and over crowd.  There is a sudden resurgence of 1980’s fashion. If you remember the 80’s, but more specifically were a teen in the 80’s, PUT THE JUNIORS CLOTHES DOWN! If you can remember it you are too old to wear it. ESPECIALLY the cute little Peter Pan boots that seem to making a come-back; Skinny legged jeans with extra long knit sweaters that cover the bum and Peter Pan boots DO NOT BELONG on an over 30 body. Got it? Good.

While were at it, lets do a skin intervention shall we?  If you put on a moisturizer and your skin feels tight within 5 minutes then your moisturizer isn’t rich enough, buy another one.
Less is more when it comes to make-up and the 30 and over crowd.  You really can’t pull off the cat-eyes look when you are developing crow’s feet and laugh lines. There is nothing as unsightly as bleeding eyeliner… unless of course it’s bleeding lipstick.

LIP LINER…. Same shade as the lip color… okay? Glosses are better( no lip liner required) but if you insist on wearing lipstick and have dry skin or over 30 skin show your lips a little love and use a light liner to prevent color bleeding.

Prep H for puffy eyes… I’ve used this, I like this, but there is a method to it. First buy the cream and not the ointment if you can find it. Apply to CLEAN skin at NIGHT… wash face in the morning and apply a small amount again. Do not apply cosmetics to the eyes until you are sure the cream has set in.

Buy smaller tubes of cheaper mascara and eye shadows and liners. Why? Because you are technically supposed to rid yourself of your eye makeup every three months; we won’t discuss the bacteria farms that eye cosmetics can become.

That’s about it for my Sunday morning mayhem… I’m sure there will be more to discuss, but I’ll save that for another day… I’m running out of coffee….


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