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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 10/19/07

In the span of a breath things can change, people can change and what you thought you knew once upon a time turns out to be fallacy. In the span of a breath a lifetime of wondering, worrying, dreaming and wishes can be erased like chalk from a blackboard. In the span of a breath can come a lifetime of regret.

In the span of a breath things can go from bad to good, from hard to easy, from heavy to light and from sad to happy. In the span of a breath what once meant little can mean so much, what once was unknown can become known, what once was fantasy can become reality. In the span of a breath nightmares can turn to fairy tales and no end in sight can turn into happily ever after.

Where is the line that decides which way the coin will fall?
Within self that’s where.
Who gets to decide if there is tragedy or triumph?
You do and no one else but you.
What is the difference between truth and fiction?
How you interpret it.

I’m tired of holding my breath….

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