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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 10/14/07

Thought 1: If you are a fan of the iced cappuccino, I encourage you to try this drink, don’t ask me why I am drinking milk shakes when the weather is so damned cold in my part of Canada, I just am. I have never been one to do things in order…

4 scoops of Café-au-lait flavored ice cream ( or other coffee flavored)
1 and a half shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream in whatever flavor you wish (I used chocolate mint)
Fill shake cup until milk is just at the top of the ice cream and blend to your hearts content.


Thought 2:  Why are the stores in my area still selling open toed shoes and strappy sandals? It’s too damned cold for open toes, even if you are going into a car. Soon you will have to wear up to the knee boots just to get to your car. What’s worse is that there are people adamant about wearing these little shoes when there is frost and soon to be snow on the ground, now granted most of them are in the 15-19 year age range, but where are their mothers?  And we wonder why people are sick all the damned time!

Thought 3: Dreams; more specifically my dreams; Most of the time I don’t remember my dreams and the ones that I do manage to remember are doosies! I’m not going to share the contents of said dreams because most of them are quite sexual in nature or contain elements that would make most people squirm. In the last year I’ve been given two medications by my family doctor and both have the side effect “may cause vivid dreaming.” Now I’m not saying that my doctor has it in for me or anything, but I’m guessing he feels I need to exercise my imagination a bit when I sleep. All I am saying is that I will not be held responsible for the things I do and/or say in my sleep.

Thought 4:  Carnation instant breakfast in coffee; Think about it; Vanilla and chocolate only however… strawberry is NASTAY.

Thought 5:  If one more person asks me “when” I became a Witch I think that I might scream; I didn’t “become” a Witch; I firmly believe that I was born one; Just because the family I was born into was Catholic and I was raised as such until I grew to the age of being aware doesn’t mean that I wasn’t born what I am. I am not a lapsed Catholic, I am a Witch. I didn’t convert from anything to anything. I am a Witch. I would follow that with a plain and simple, but in this life things are seldom plain and never simple.

Thought 6: People should really stop asking me when I am going to have another book published. I will do it when I am ready to do it, I’m not ready yet, but it’s getting close. When I have people ask me if I’m going to do a third, I am kindly going to ask them if they’ve read the first two, more specifically though I am going to ask them if they own the first two. If they don’t I will then answer with “When you buy the first two I will think about doing the third.”
The second thing people really should stop asking me in this regard is how much money I’ve made off my books. I simple raise my eyebrow and tell them that everyone knows that poets aren’t famous until they’re dead.  Some people get the joke; some don’t…

oh well…

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