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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 10/1/07

My sister and my mother, for better or worse are moving away. They have lived in the same town as I for the last four years, four years that I might add have been miserable and challenging for them.  The city is chalk full of barriers for those who don’t drive, and there is little after school activity for those who aren’t financially capable of private lessons in things such as swimming or dance therefore my niece is at a disadvantage as well, so they are moving. They are moving back to the big city, the city I grew up in, the city I absolutely adore and although I am going to miss being able to walk to their house to visit them, I understand their need and hope they are happy with the move. My husband on the other hand is being his usual pig-headed self about the whole affair.

First he tried the “your mother shouldn’t live on her own,” argument. Why shouldn’t my mother live on her own? She’s 71 and incredibly independent, has been stuck in a rut since she moved to this town, hates every minute that she’s been here and she WANTS to live on her own again. She has no mental deficit or defect to prevent her living on her own and oh yeah, she’ll be exactly 10 minutes away from my sister!
Yes there is crime where she is going, guess what? There is crime where she is living now, and I had to point that out to him, but he’s got his head stuck so far up his ass that he couldn’t smell a rose if it was shoved up there with him.

His next argument was my niece. Children get abducted in the city that they are moving to. Oh my god! Say it isn’t so! People get abducted here too; in fact there is a 33 year old woman that has been missing since July; His argument? She probably went to the city they are moving to and was abducted from there… ummm OK! She as last seen in a park not ten minutes from my house, but she magically teleported to another city without being seen and was abducted from there? Yes, by god, that makes perfect sense!

The next argument was that people get murdered there daily. Okay I will give him that one, people do get murdered, although I doubt it’s daily and people get murdered here too, one that I pointed out was the murder of my youngest son’s friend, by his cousin, in a close by park, while high and over drugs. Yes we live in a lovely little town unaffected by crime don’t we? Stepford anyone? NOT!

I don’t know why he’s felt the need to point out those things of which I am aware, I don’t know why he’s developed such a hate-on for the city in which we both grew up and I don’t know when he donned the rose colored glasses in regards to where we currently live, but he really needs to knock it off.

A senseless argument started over a senseless subject about something over which neither one of us has control and did nothing but leave me completely frustrated with him. There is little I could do, even if I wanted to, to stop them moving, it’s called life and people have to live it by their own terms. I have never understood living in fear of what might happen. It just doesn’t make sense.

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