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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 9/25/07

Lonely she sat looking out her front window
In rocking chair she stared into the night
When darkness would fall she’d light a small candle
Pray to the sky that he’d be all right

Lonely she sat and the seasons transfixed her
Summer to autumn and winter to spring
She’d sing out a song that she knew he’d remember
Hoping the tune would back to her him bring

Lonely she sat as the world moved around her
Children now women, young boys now grown men
She sat by her window hair tied in the ribbon
That once long ago to her he did give

Lonely she sat, alone as the wrinkles
Of age distorted her once flawless skin
If you look in the window from the street while your passing
You’ll se here there rocking just waiting for him

Lonely she died, not a bride, not a widow
Betrothed his beloved for all time and then more
She sat there in wait, for the love of her lifetime
Lonely her heart, as lonely is war.

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