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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 9/10/07

Let’s Talk About Britney

So the buzz this morning is the train wreck that was Britney at the MVA’s. I watched the performance, and although it was lack luster and yes at times she looked like she just wanted to walk off the stage and curl up in a corner somewhere, I have to give her props for being there and going on with the show.
I have heard her ripped apart at the seams for her past antics, and yes going out sans panties and making sure the photog’s got a point and shoot at the goods was perhaps not her finest moment and yes despite sometimes being a fashion disaster diva, I still like Brit.

Take a moment and think this over; She had a… hrmm… what was it? A 72 hour Las Vegas special marriage to Jason Alexander? This gained her publicity, but it gained him more.
She then had the K-FED disaster that any onlooker with half an ounce of sense could see was doomed from day 1. She got press from that. K-FED got famous as did his ex Shar Jackson. She was brought back into the limelight in a big way now wasn’t she and on whose skirt-tails?
As much as people might resent me for saying this, I believe that Britney was the victim and now that she realizes the depths of her victimization she’s got a big ole case of the “So what’s the point anyhow?”

I firmly believe, with my conspiracy theorist mind, that the whole K-FED marriage was something set up by him and Ms. Shar to increase the bank account revenues. I believe that the birth of her first son was planned, so that Mr. K-FED would for at least the next 18 years have ties to Brit’s bank vault, but I believe that the birth of the second child broad-sided Kevin and Shar and they had to devise a rapid plan to get him out before Brit had a brood.
How convenient that there has been reconciliation between Kevin and Shar and it was a seemingly flawless transition from bad blood to good blood between them.
And there sits Ms. Brit, Ms. Brit who clearly was a little girl that believed in happily ever after, who wanted (and still wants) her prince charming to come along and sweep her off of her feet. She thought she had that with Kevin Federline, despite his flaws and white trash ways and wanna be rapper attitude. She thought that they were going to build a life and something good together.

Seriously, think about it, what would make a woman anymore bat-shit crazy then finding out that she’d been used and taken for a ride all along?

Is it wrong for her to take an umbrella and attack a car ( or a base-ball bat, or a two by four) and beat the living hell out of it ESPECIALLY if she thought is was Kevin’s car or even better Shar’s. Is it such a sin that she did that or is it only a bad move because she’s Britney Spears?
I will tell you with every ounce of my being that I would have done the same thing, with most likely higher damages if I found myself in the same boat, only no one would care because I am not a celebrity, well, except maybe Judge Judy, she might care, but no one else would.
In fact, if I did do something like that, most of my friends, both online and off would most likely cheer me on saying that the guy deserved it. But I digress…
So what? Brit drank to excess and made a fool of her self; I did that too, just last weekend, shit faced, fall down, drunk off my ass drunk and I fell not one, not two, but THREE times, have the bruises to prove it and had to have my DH and oldest son put my ass to bed. Was it anymore or any less what Brit has done, or is it only okay for me because there were no paparazzi there to click my actions into infamy?

And she shaved off her locks? Know what? I’ve been tempted to do that a time or two myself. The only thing that stops me from doing it at those times is the fact that I know I would look REDICULOUS without hair. That and from Monday to Friday I actually like my hair. But catch me on a bad PMS day and I could chop it off in a heartbeat.
Britney is searching for herself, she is trying to find out who she is on the inside, she is trying to find out what it is that makes her special and unique in the big bad world and all the while she is living with her regrets and her poor choices and yes she is handling it all poorly, but she hasn’t got anyone in her corner or her camp that is brave enough to sit her down and say “Girlfriend, you need to get your act together!”

She’s got a bunch of yes men and woman around her who are too afraid of losing the Benjamin’s to step up to the plate and tell her like it is.
I don’t hate Britney, I don’t think she’s trash, I don’t think she is a bad mother, but she has a long row to hoe in order to be called a good one.  She didn’t steal someone’s husband         * cough* ANGELINA JOLIE *cough*

She didn’t really NEGLECT her sons; she just had to learn to be a mother. This is a girl who hit the spotlight and everyone around her forgot that she was still a little girl in her heart and soul. I’ve had times when my child has thrown himself backwards and almost landed on the pavement.  I’ve never, not put my child in a car seat however, but fear will make people do desperate things.  If she was truly trying to flee the paparazzi, I think I would have perhaps had the same reaction. If there were strangers chasing me down trying to invade my personal space just to catch a glimpse of my baby I might well take off without restraining him too.

Everyone is expecting her to bounce back into a life that they’ve created for her. She’s supposed to be the same bubbly little girl that hit the airwaves in pig tails and school uniform looking like every 20-80 year old man’s wet dream. What people are forgetting is that she’s not that same person anymore, she’s been to the school of hard knocks and it doesn’t matter how many dollar signs are attached to your name, attending that school will jade you and change you forever.
The little girl in Britney is lost forever, her innocence gone and no matter how much we criticize her, it is never coming back. Her promoters and managers have to stop trying to convince her to recapture what she was, and everyone needs to have the balls to let her evolve into something new.

There’s a lot of life left in Brit, and there is a lot of unfocused energy and this is because she is trying to be something that she isn’t.

She’s not that innocent.

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