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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 6/27/07

My sons were all rocked by this tragedy. My 17 year old especially so.

It's hard to watch your child get a big ole dose of reality when it strikes, although my 17 year old is no slouch and when he heard the breaking news his first reaction was "I wonder what happened," and then his second reaction was "forget it, I don't even want to know."

My 17 year old aspires to be a professional wrestler. Not like the teens participating in backyard wrestling though, he aspires to be in the sports entertainment industry so much so that he has already completed the first of many sports entertainment management courses and general business management courses. He has been in contact with a few "wrestling" schools that the WWE scouts. He is serious about his craft, but knows that education and fall back career comes first.

He knows that Triple H is a CPA and Batista is a lawyer by trade and the wresting career is just gravy.

Chris Benoit was a Canadian born wrestler, and up until this disaster, he was another Canadian boy who did well, just like the wrestlers Edge and Christian, like Brett Hart and his brother Owen. Canada always takes great pride in her sons and daughters that do well.

Like it or not he was a hero in the hearts of many and it is so very hard when a hero falls. We tend to remove the human aspect and pedestal them so high that the fall, if and when it happens; is a crash of insurmountable magnitude.

It would seem that Chris Benoit snapped, he apparently took the lives of his wife and young son and if any lesson should be taught from all of this it should be that money, success and fame do not necessarily bring happiness into one’s life.

So yes, I will wish him peace in death. I will wish him the peace that he clearly didn’t have in life. I will wish that his demons have left him and that he sleeps without their torment.
One has to be sick in order to commit the act of murder/suicide, and so I will wish him peace and healing on the other side.

The act of forgiveness is easy; the forgetting is the hard part.

I mourn for the loss of his young son; no child deserves tragic death no matter the source. In my mind children just aren’t supposed to die and that is always a bitter pill for me to swallow. But I do not worry about young Daniel’s peace; I know that he is peaceful and perfect within the embrace of his creator.

And his wife Nancy; I will wish and hope for her peace as well. I don’t know enough about her to know what demons she may or may not have been fighting, but it would seem that she loved her husband enough to try and stand beside him through whatever his were. For that fact alone, I will give her, her due and state openly and freely that she was a braver soul than I.

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