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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 4/25/07

There is another website out there that I was considering joining, but there are times when I feel that I am already over extended when it comes to internetland, so I was content to not join it, that is, until last night.
Turns out half of my family is already on that site, some of which I haven’t seen or spoken to in years; Looks like there is one more place for me to visit now.

It’s always fun to connect with family. To play catch up, to see where they have been and what they have been up to. My family has a horrible track record of only congregating for weddings and even worse funerals, so this might be a nice change from the status quo.
 The hardest part is when you get to come to the realization that just because they are family and you love them; you don’t necessarily have to like them. KWIM?

There are inevitably going to be issues with some. It’s been a hard hurdle for me to climb with my family, who are for the most part devoutly catholic, and some are even born again Christian, and here I am, a little Witch in the mix, just to spice things up. I know to some it won’t be shocking, to others it will be the very epitome of Satan come to earth, because, people naturally fear what they don’t understand. Not too many actually take the time to educate themselves before forming opinion, so I know in the end there will be that odd silence that comes with my openly discussing my chosen faith, there will be those who automatically assume that Pagan means “devil” worship, and there are those who will toss around silly words like “goat” and “sacrifice” when they hear the word Witch.

There are those who will look past the word and find the person inside of it, there are those who will attempt to be fine with it while whispering about it when they think I am not looking, or hearing, and there are those who will want to know more and those who don’t care to know anything at all, and that is okay too.
 I don’t fear the judgments, I don’t fear the miles of mire that I may have to walk through in order to come to a place of understanding, if not acceptance, but sometimes I do fear someone trying to commit me into the hands of a hell that I don’t believe in because of my chosen path.
 I never ask or expect anyone to change their views because of me, but I don’t appreciate being the subject of prayer circles either. Not that I don’t appreciate people praying for me, but not for my redemption or the saving of my soul. I am not lost.
I don’t need to find Jesus and he doesn’t need to find me, we are not playing a game of hide and go seek. I know where I can find him if I want to and he knows that I exist and since he hasn’t felt the need to smite me down, I think he and I are good.

 People automatically assume because I am a Pagan Witch that I negate the existence of Jesus Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. I do believe that Jesus Christ existed, I do believe that he performed a great many miracles, I do believe that he walked the earth and showed it many wonders; in fact I do believe that if Christ walked in the burning times he would have been persecuted as a Witch… how’s that for controversy in the early morning?

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