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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 4/2/07

(As I stand looking out into my yard)

Your name is Lauri, and you’ve been through the weekend from hell. I don’t know if there is anything that I can do for you that will make things better, but I am certainly going to try.

I was there for you yesterday when Kim decided that she needed to use you as some kind of scape goat and I vowed that I would help you straighten out that mess and yes that includes appearing in court as a character witness for you. I will swear on whatever book the judge requires as to your innocence, there is no way in hell I will ever believe that you are capable of theft. No way in hell.
Kim is pissed because you dared to try and better your life and your financial situation. The 4 years you worked for her with only ONE day off sick means nothing to her apparently. The fact that you kept the place running and made sure everyone did their jobs means nothing.
 I worked there, I can swear oath as to the shady operations and I can’t wait to tell Corporate about her little deposit scams. She is the one skimming off the top and she needs someone to blame before the axe falls, I WILL NOT let it be you. I hope she goes to jail for embezzlement, because that’s what her little trick amounts to.

When I found the note from Dakotah this morning, it took me a minute to process it all. My heart sank heavy in my chest, I just can’t believe this is happening around you. I will not say to you, because that would indicate that you somehow have caused the chain of events, and my friend, you are a GOOD person and you did nothing to cause or deserve what has happened.
I know the pain of losing a father, but I know as well that your pain is doubled by the fact that you are Daddy’s little girl. I know you will miss him, and I’ve no doubt that he is gone to a much, much better place than this and there is no way in hell I will let you eat even an ounce of blame. This was something that you could not control and I will not let you play the “if only” game.

I will be here for you; Nicholas is staying home from school for the next few days to be there for your boys. He was the same age when he lost the grandfather he dearly loved, so he can help them understand with age appropriate compassion. He WANTS to do it, and I will not refuse him, he loved your dad too and he cried tears of loss and sympathy this morning for your mother.
Don’t worry about a thing, the dogs will be looked after, we will keep an eye on Ms. Cleo the kitty too. I know she is poorly right now and if anything happens we will just DEAL with it.

Right now I wish that there was more that I could do. I wish I could ease your pain or turn back time. Since I can’t do either, I will just be here, and if you need a shoulder, please remember that I have two.

With love,


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