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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/26/07

I think that I shall cry today, because in my eyes crying is a good way to dispel rage.

I am enraged, ok… that might be a little too extreme a word to describe it, but right now I could put my dogs in the yard outside and leave them there until my husband gets home in roughly 6 hours from now.

I, of course will not do that, because I love the big lugs, but right now I am angry and they both know that  and are doing a rather good job of behaving at the moment.

What did they do?

Ohhhhhh.... they completely destroyed a loveseat cushion; fucked it up beyond what could be easily repaired.

Why is this a problem?

It’s a problem because the couch is a rental. Not only is it a rental, but one I was thinking of returning in a couple weeks time. That simply isn’t going to happen now and I have to purchase the damned set.

Needless to say this has caused a rather loud rush of expletives to pour forth and not one of them is fit to be repeated in a public way.

I am sooooooooo disappointed right now, and I think that I shall cry. Afterwards I will have to revise my plan and come to terms with the fact that I am now the owner of two 17 month old Lab/Rottie crosses AND a living room set that I don’t want!


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