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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/15/07

Attention class; I am going to go over things one more time for those of you who were either absent or not paying attention the first time round.

Previous subjects that have been covered include;

Razi Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck 101; previously known as Sticks and Stones 101.

You Are a Stalker 101; previously known as Get a Life 101 and….

It’s The Damned Internet FGS; previously known as Turning off the Computer 101.

The Razi Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck course covers… well… it covers how Razi doesn’t give a flying fuck about what people think of her, say about her, say to others about her or any combination thereof. This course also covers how she believes that people put too much stock in online relationships and how she cautions that you can never know all there is to know about anyone in an online environment.
 In this course, Razi explains how she doesn’t suffer the foolish actions of adults acting like children and how she will never allow someone to come into her forum and disgrace the place with idiotic actions. She also covers how she has a low tolerance for those who claim to be adult, but have not mentally or emotional advanced since they were in high school and explains how her intolerance of this does not only pertain to online personas, but the people in her offline world as well. She is currently giving her older sister a crash lesson in this course.
This is an actions speak louder than words course and pass or fail is contingent upon Razi’s personal opinion of you. She is both creator and professor of this class.

You Are a Stalker 101 is a self help course in which Razi foolishly puts herself out there to help people realize that there is more to life than chasing some perceived enemy around the internet.  She points out that online stalking is REAL stalking and punishable either as stalking or as harassment, under the law in all the States and Provinces of North America.
The prerequisite for this course is Are You Unstable- a beginner guide.
Unfortunately this course is not offered at this time. You may however be accepted to You Are a Stalker 101 without the prereq upon proof of instability from a certified mental health professional.

It’s The Damned Internet FGS (for God’s sake!) is a four credit course. The first two credits are earned by realizing that you are, in fact, on the internet and people can be whoever they want to be on the internet. The second two credits are given after the student can, without mental implosion, push the off button on their personal computers and actually do something other than practice the You Are a Stalker technique.
Extra credit may be given to those who do not own a personal home computer and instead use an employer’s computer to practice the You Are a Stalker technique without getting fired.

There is no application process for the courses, you are either in them or you aren’t.

Upon successful completion of these three courses, students should have a firm grasp of the concept that Razi Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck, You Are a Stalker, and It’s The Damned Internet FGS!

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