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From: DarkDivah (RaziCichlid)

Date: 3/8/07

I’ve been attacked by a whack monster; what ever shall I do?

The whack monster came on with a tough attack this time. Called me a crack pot and a whore… Oh no! Life as I know it is over now! I’ve been outed!

Apparently I am supposed to hide in a corner because the big bad WHACK monster attacked me with truth and here I thought I was hiding things so well!

I guess the fact that I believe in poly-love and that I believe that when Mercury goes into retro that it affects people is some big hidden secret. I guess that was supposed to cut deep and make me quiver in the corner? *bored sigh*

What did piss me off though were two things actually. The first is that they felt the need to attack me in the middle of a thank you thread to a woman I admire here on Delphi. She is a vet and gives the best advice she can when it comes to animals that she’s never seen and I thought she deserved to be thanked for it and I still do.
 I am an animal lover (oh look WHACK monster, there’s another thing for your big, bad, super, secret, undercover, covert file on me;) and I have learned a lot from this woman just by paying attention to what she says to other people in regards to their pets.

The second thing was that they created the ID just to try and poke at me and then deleted it the ID. Now there are some balls for ya huh? Please read my article in the latest version of the Zone Gazette about how to survive a forum war. Creating a sock ID to come in and insult and then not sticking around long enough to back it up is a chicken shit move at best. Who’s the crack pot now baby-cakes?

What’s the matter big bad WHACK monster? Cat got your tongue or do you just not have it in you to go round for round? Afraid there might actually be people in the world who give not a shit what I believe or whom it is that I choose to love because they like me for WHO I am and NOT what I do?
Can’t handle the fact that what you tried to fling at me didn’t even in the least resemble shit? If you are going to be a good little shit throwing MONKEY, you should at least make sure it’s high quality REAL shit you have in your hand.

Want to call me a crack pot? Fine call me a crack pot, hell I am a crack pot, I am no more and no less fucked up than the next person. I can handle it, in fact, sometimes I like it!

Want to out me having an “Other?” (By the way it’s other with a capital O) Go ahead and do it, I’ve worked soooooooo hard at hiding the fact it might actually break me if someone found out. I mean GOOD GOD what will I do if the people on Delphi actually found out that there is more than one man in my life and that I actually didn’t make a mistake in doing it, I don’t regret a single day and I am happier now in my life than I have ever been.

Nope don’t want THAT secret to get out do I?

Hey here’s one for you!

How about this one;

I once had an online relationship with a man who lied to me about his “open” marriage, and lied to his wife about me being “just a friend” and when he got caught by his wife I gave him the EXACT words to tell her trying to help him FIX his already fucked up marriage and then the two of them tag-teamed and stalked me around the internet for 4 years! There’s a tidbit that oh only HALF of Delphi knows. Might want to rent a billboard for that one huh?

Oh here’s one for you, you fucking nutcase;

I’m into BONDAGE! (The world will stop spinning on its axis when this one gets out!) I’m a BDSM submissive, whips, chains, ropes, paddles… you name it.

Is that enough for your little poo-fest?

Oh wait here’s one more!

I have had THE SAME ID since I joined Delphi in 1999. I DO NOT hide behind created names, I own what I say and who I am and I AM NOT ashamed of a single fucking thing I have done.

Oh whack monster?

You are the weakest link….


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