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From: Cynde (Talley) Hartley '73 (CYNDE6)

Date: 4/5/13

Oh! My WYSIWYG toolbar is back!!

Power went out this morning which woke me up! It cut off my oxygen, bipap, 2 fans, and TV! I had to get up and get on portable o2. Could not make any coffee though, and no breathing treatments... I hate it when my routine is messed up. It came on about 20-30 minutes later. I'm tired now!

Ian took his test again for HVAC masters....missed it by 3! He'll take it again in 2 weeks.

I had a chat with him about standing up for his son to Jennifer when it comes to her unfair treatment of the kids. He said he has seen it too but Jennifer does not see it at all. He said he was tempted to record her so she can see how she talks to him and treats him. I was telling Ian, Kyzer and I had similar backgrounds. A mother that walked out of our lives for the choice of alcohol (or drugs). Both of us had a caring, loving, supportive father, and both had step mothers that treated us like crap, but, like me, Kyzer constantly tries to win her approval. Ian agreed he had seen that with Kyzer.

Kyzer didn't have to win anything over with his dad, nor did I. But what I needed and didn't get until I was 30, was for my dad to stand up to my step mother when she was dead wrong. When he finally did, my bond with my dad was unbreakable. I think Ian got it.

Ian also gave me his version of how the money incident went down at Jacks:

Jack bought the kids some toys at WalMart but messed up a couple of them, so he needed to return the items. He didn't want to go at the time, so he told the kids he didn't have enough money.

The kids saw change laying around so one of them made a deal with Jack, that if they could find enough, would he take them. He said he would, so the 3 kids gathered up change and kept asking if it was enough (and it never was) so Kyzer found jeans on the floor and found money in the pocket. Some bills were with it too. By now, Jack was not even looking in the cup when he said no...

Kyzer and Gavin decided to split the bills between them (not sure if Jack said they could divide the change or not)...but by then, Jaden discovered the green stuff and wanted some too so she went whining to Jack. I guess it was about $400 according to Ian.

To me, they weren't really in the wrong deep enough for a 3 day lockdown which would have included Easter, and only Kyzer was being punished.

I guess he got in trouble a week ago for stealing crayons at school and leaving them in his pocket. I asked Ian if Jennifer ever cleaned out pants pockets before washing... he said she only checks his for money.

I guess I'll have to keep reminding Ian to let the punishment fit the crime.

I saw RM tonight. He was seeking directions to the college campus in a nearby town for some reason. Guess he was not paying attention when the lady took him to register and buy books. He has mail here for his student loan and for his SSDI hearing, but he has not asked for it. He said something tonight about hearing from some lady about a job....really? Same lady he has been blowing off for 2 months now? We'll see how that goes. How long has he been gone now, 3 weeks?

Well, the house is a mess but I don't feel stressed anymore. It'll get cleaned. I'm  s l o w l y working on the kitchen right now.

Guess I better wrap this up. NITE!

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