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Date: 4/24/13

  well , we got our first SPCA visit for the year   today,  someone turned us in  for sickly horses, laying on the ground dying.
 come on people,  it is spring time,  the fat sassy horses are shedding their winter fur, and 3 days of warm sunshine, they were all laying out in the pens  enjoying the sun, (sun bathing)  
  they guy found nothing wrong,   and thought they all looked good,  I've been over feeding this winter, so they look like rolly pollies  . LOL 
   need to get then groomed and use the shedder on them, but I am also taking care of my dying mother in law  so my days are tied up with her,   I feed the horses earlier in the a.m.   at later at night,  and when my mom has company I can get to the barn to do some cleaning. 
   hopefully things will smooth out soon.

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