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From: Bud (BLorimer)

Date: 6/3/14

This morning Margaret woke up with a headache across the front of her forehead, and feeling clammy. She had worked outside in heat of the day yesterday in the flower beds planting flowers. She took a shower last night before going to bed.

This morning our daughter, Jennifer, came over and took her to the emergency room. Tony, my SIL spent the day here with me. None of them will leave me alone cause I might pass out. She had been vometing so that would be the best thing to do. She was there about 8 hrs. They gave her some saline, did blood work, an EKG, chest x-ray and a stress test. They sent her home with some nausea medicine and said they thought she had gastritis. It's 6pm now and she's still in bed. She is going to try to eat a baked potato for supper.

I sure hope she feels better tomorrow. She'll probably sleep the rest of the day and night.

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