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From: Tish (newtish)

Date: 10/24/13

Another year has passed. October 23 is a special day in our family. My brother and I are born on dad's birthday. Dad and I also share the same birth time. My brother is 4 years younger than me. We had a lovely quiet family dinner, made a little more special by the visit of my school friend from Queensland.

The following night my husband and son took me to see South Pacific at the Opera House. This week is the 40th birthday celebration of the opening of the Sydney Opera House. In the photos we are standing on front of the mural at the top of the stairs in the smaller shell. That is where the Opera Theatre is. The view is from the bar. This sits beside the larger shell which has the Concert Hall.

My son is now a regular performer at the Opera House as a member of the Junior Symphony Choir called VOX. This Sunday they are performing at the reopening of the forecourt for the 40th birthday celebration.

It will be broadcast, I will put the link here when it is available.

Until later

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