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From: daPuffin (CANEGURU)

Date: 4/9/06

Cassie's new full name is Kizmet's Korintje Cassia, CPI, EAX.   The CPI is for "Chief Perimeter Inspector, EAX is for Escape Artist Excellent.  That's right, this lovable little monster has found a raised area in our backyard fence (behind the red twig dogwood >sigh<) that we didn't know about and even if we did, wouldn't have expected a cat to get through, let alone a TT, but she did.  Right into the neighbor's yard!  We saw it immediatly, caught her and went out to Home Depot to buy fencing and wire to repair the section.    We'll be inspecting the entire perimeter and making repairs to any other areas we may find.

She's figured out a few other ways out of confinement inside, and we've shored those up, too.

As to the part of the title that concerns remodeling, well....  We have really cheesy contractor grade vinyl flooring in the kitchen.   It's as old as the house, no doubt and the Incredible Ms. Cassie found an area that was lifted and did what dogs do.  She pulled at it.   So there's now a corner where the vinyl surface has been ripped away.  Amazingly, I have found the pieces that she pulled up.  I'm sure Mani has given her some assistance, too, but seeing as he never did this when he was an only pup, I can only suspect that Cassie started the game.  While we were at Home Depot buying fencing product, we also checked out flooring.  We're probably going to go with Pergo.

Welcome to my TTerrorist world.   Really, though, TTain't bad.

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