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Date: 6/4/17

How is it that Canada, New Zealand and the USA can reach agreements with their indigenous groups and Australia's governments cannot? It is because they are mature in their dmeocracy and put it above all else. By comparison most of Australia's politicians do not countenance propositions that might take their dominance away. They will not entertain any participation beyond a forum or advisory group they establish or an election. Within hours of the group of indigenous people issuing a statement out of the meeting that the government facilitated at Uluru in May 2017 the Deputy Prime Minister struck it down. The Prime Minister issued a less than compelling repudiation. The anglo irish white men have batoned cdown the hatches. "The Uluru statement is a landmark moment in the reshaping of our system of government to reflect the aspirations of Australia's first peoples. It is the first time in over a decade of discussion about constitutional recognition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have had the opportunity to speak with one voice. Their claims have come late in the debate, but must be accorded great weight and respect."

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