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From: Parymdk

Date: 7/11/07

yep, you read that right. the amount of hair they cut off weighed in at 1 1/2 pounds. no wonder my neck was so dang sore <g>

I will admit this is way cooler then the long stuff. it is fun to spike, and going in the pool does not mean I drown when I come up after diving in. I don't know if I will attempt another growing spurt in attempt to hit the 10" length for Locks of Love or not. It was 8" when they cut it off and that was just a years worth of growth....actually not even that long...more like 9 months. all depends on the mindset I have a few months down the road when it cools off again.
Name:  shortback.jpgSize:  55 K
Name:  shortside.jpgSize:  52 K
Name:  shortfront.jpgSize:  49 K

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