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From: Doodle (Lego_My_Ego)

Date: 2/4/09

and there is always TMI, but I did not but meant to mention on what good are records when docs never read them or place to much faith in what is on paper.

After I had that last PET that did not have a false reading and showed mets were everwhere, hospice was doing what ever possible to justify discharging me, but there was an exception of a health pro finally seeing my dilema. She said, "It was hard because I look good on paper." All these years is what I have been trying to tell the pros that my labs scans and tests will not always show what's up, Even now, with the exception of low CBCs, I look healthy and they are not too concerned because they have not dropped like most peoples.

I am to the point of saying nothing just saying you figure it out.

From last entry.

>Oh before that, I have to mention that I have mentioned this new pain (the most problamatic to date that according to the wonderful PET does not show mets there), and not one doc has done squat to find out.<

My visit with the new-no-drugs-for-you-onco, she kindly mentioned that the wonderful $$$$ PET said no mets on the second cancer with her air of certainty. Meanwhile, the doc that stranded me was so set on the only course for me now was hospice especially now that METS has caused that colon to blow and fistula to form.


Should I just write a bunch of crap down, put it in hat and let them draw? Sounds like it would be a better course of action since regardless of what is wrong they are going to make their very own conclusions. After all they are the pros. All they see now is a low socio hence stupid patient. If they read all my records from days gone by when I had a job with good insurance, they would have seen the rave reviews from my past docs about how knowledgeable and pleasant I was. They would have also taken the time to know better enough to know that had it been my choosing, I could have very well chose their profession with my GPA. It would be even more shocking to them to know that GPA began with and eighth grade education. No I was not some unbelievably gifted child just a misguided one that wanted to grow up too fast----and did.

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