Cloudshapes's Tail-Singeing Downstrike

At this point, who knows what this will turn out to be?
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=^..^= CloudShape's tail-singeing (downstrike)Height: Just high enough to look down at myself in the mirror.

Weight: Why? It's not like you're going to lift me.

Fashion Statement: I am who I am, not what I wear.

Religion: One of the great crowd.

Ethnicity = Racetown. Some Dutch. Some Coosa. Some more Dutch. Some Heinz 57. Political Stance: Any man who actually wants to rule should not under any circumstances be allowed to do so. For further info, see http://www.crstudent.com/School/Justice.htm Sexual Orientation: Complete. Relationship Status: Starting the 11th year of our honeymoon. Children: The kind of smart alecks that step on me when they call me Dad, and took me from bachelor to "Grandpa" in 10 months. Location: Humboldt Bay, N. California coast. No, no, no! Not Santa Barbara. NORTHERN California. No, no, no! Not Santa Cruz. NORTHERN California. No, no, no! Not Monterey. NORTHERN California. (Well, at least you've made it into central California.) No, no, no! Not San Francisco. NORTHERN California. Look! You're not in northern California until you get past at least Santa Rosa. Okay? Now, to find Humboldt Bay, keep going another 200 miles. Gender Male Age Remaining 42, in honour of Douglas Adams because it's a bit late for me to remain 12. (sigh) Dagnabbit! I wanna be 12! Being 12 is so wasted on people who have just gotten the hang of being 11. Being 12 should be reserved for people who have experience at being 12, and know how. Personal Quote "Because I'm not an octopus. I only have six hands!" - me, when I actually was 12, peeking from behind a load of luggage bigger than I was, answering a demand to know why I hadn't brought an even larger item. ----------------------- Of course I feel pain! What I am is what I feel. ----------------------- Watching public officials handle crises is just like watching my wife's five kids from her previous marriage; something was always going wrong because each one was always too busy making sure someone other than him or her was blamed for the previous several times something went wrong, to take care of what currently needed doing. ----------------------- It's sad when public servants are so desperate that they go out of their way to behave incompetently in an effort not appear incompetent. ----------------------- I just now found your reply to my reply to you about her reply to me that she sent to you. My only comment now is that if anyone shouldn't have said anything, they wouldn't have said it if someone else hadn't said something first. - me responding to an apology for something someone said. ----------------------- Who is more intolerant, a person who is too intolerant, or a person who can't tolerate his intolerance? - me ----------------------- If my inner child had access to Michael Jackson's finances, I'd do some peculiar things too. - me ----------------------- In some parts of California, it's always Tuesday. You can tell when you're in heavy traffic, because it's obvious that regardless of your own schedule, most of the people in front of you are doing their level best to avoid arriving any where before next Tuesday. From this, one may conclude that they live their entire lives on Tuesday. - me, shortly after getting a driver's license. ----------------------- "Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to do another. Then you do neither what you said nor what you intended." - Saddam Hussein. (At least HE'S honest about it!) ----------------------- "An attorney is a politician waiting to happen. A politician is what an attorney wants to be when he grows up. (You do know that 54% of all American presidents either already had been, or eventually became, attorneys, don't you?)" - me. ----------------------- "The most hideous and illegal conflict of interest is the one between attorneys who practice law and attorneys who write laws while in office, for they are one and the same." - me after taking refuge from Lassen County, California. ----------------------- "Seems the necessities of living interfere with life" - Gloria Hartman. ----------------------- "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... (It is good that we have not three personalities, lest man haveth Multiple Personality Disorder.)" - The Bible, terribly misquoted. ----------------------- "If bigots only realized how bigoted they sound when they call other people bigots, probably no one would ever use the word." - me in my 40s. ----------------------- "If I step on someone's toes, it's because some people need to keep their toes out of other peoples' business so that the rest of us will also have some place to stand." - me in my 20s. ----------------------- "I'm bigoted against bigots, so I think censorship should be censored." - me in my 30s. ----------------------- "Which is weirder - me, or your perspective of me?" - me, as a teenager. ----------------------- "Did I ask to be born?" - me as a preteen, an extremely short time before getting smacked across the face. ----------------------- You're the Mommy! I'm just a little kid! If you don't know what's wrong with me, how am I supposed to know? - me as a small child answering, "what is the matter with you?!?!" (That one actually earned me a reprieve from getting smacked across the face and butt for a while.) ----------------------- I'm sorry, but that's even sorrier than I am about how sorry it is. - the standard apology built into my opinion of many things. ----------------------- I imagine that after reading my profile, what you're trying not to say is what it's full of. Seriously, some of what I say here isn't meant to be taken seriously, and some of it is. There is likely to be some horrific difficulty involved when that which should have been taken seriously becomes seriously evident. Authors: Gloria Hartman, Andre Norton, Robert Silverberg, Stephen R. Donaldson, Douglas Adams, Tom Clancy, and most any Trek novel author. Books: The Bible, Q'uran, Keeborn series, Hitchhiker series, Forerunner series, Thomas Covenant Chronicles, most Trek novels. Magazines: PC Magazine, National Geographic, eWeek, Watchtower, Awake! Newspapers: Modesto Bee, Eureka Times-Standard, Modoc Record. Comic Strips: Not in my newspaper, she doesn't! Seriously: Calvin and Hobbes Movies: MIB series, Back to the Future series, Trek series, Star Wars series, Xanadu, Down Periscope, Independence Day. TV Shows: Any Trek. America's Most Talented Kids. Hey, I'll follow Naomi Wildman where no adult has gone before! Actors: Leonard Nimoy, John Wayne, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart Types of Music: Psychedelic, New Age, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Electronic, Classical. Bands/Artists: From Kriss Kross to Enya; from Deep Forest to Rush; from Strawberry Alarm Clock to Yanni; from Lawrence Welk to Bay City Rollers. Sports: Yeah, okay. (Yawn.) (Snore.) Teams: Go... um, waddever! Vacation Spots: Doesn't matter, I don't get to go. Oh, OK. Yosemite, if I got there. Food: Most oriental. Most seafood. Most definitely! Most of all, China Buffet, in Eureka, California, although Nipa's in Alturas, California, and Szechuan Restaurant in Modesto, California deserve honorable mention.

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