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I am an attorney in New Jersey, a former Marine, and a Rotarian. My interests include travel, photography, history, politics and collecting political campaign buttons. Comments on the photographs are always welcome: djm@stanleypmlaw.com

1966 self portrait

Self portrait, 1966,  reflected in the cockpit mirror of a Marine F-4B Phantom II jet fighter in flight. Taken with the first roll of film in my Asahi Spotmatic.  Please visit my gallery in the PENTAX Photo Gallery.     Please also visit my diner blog


Forest Trail

Forest TrailForest Trail

A Hiking Trail through Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park, Hawaii


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Rollin', rollin' rollin' on the river

Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river

      The Paddlewheel Steamer Natchez on the Mississippi at New Orleans

Touch of Class

Car Night  252

A continental tire mount graces the rear end of a hot rod displayed at the local Classic Car Night

The Swarovski Giant

The Swarovski Giant

Kristallwelten, the Worlds of Crystal, is located inside the Giant
at the Swarovski headquarters in Wattens, Austria


A Toast to Sunset

A Toast to Sunset

A Maui Tradition:  A glass of wine to enjoy while watching the sun set into the Pacific


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Watching TV

TV Bandit 2

            Bandit loves to watch dogs (or wolves) on TV


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The Monk

Monk 1

  Zen Monk at the Somerset County Interfaith Thanksgiving Dinner


A Rare October Snow Storm

Snow  01
          The leaves are still on the trees as the snow begins.

Snow  05

                                  The snow intensifies

Snow  27

                      Snow and ice on the geraniums

Snow  29

                        The deck gets covered with snow        
Snow  49
          Dogwood limbs weighed down by the snow reach the ground

Snow  32

     Bandit, our Alaskan Malamute puppy, thinks the snow is just awesome


A real sports car

Steeplechase  62

          Seen in Far Hills, New Jersey, during the Steeplechase Races


Country Gentleman

Steeplechase  55

               Watching the Steeplechase Races at Far Hills

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