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1/7/14 9:26 AM

the weather

we are experienceing some real cold weather in 2014  what a way to start a new year. 
single digets  down to 1 degree, wind chills below zero.  horses are doing fine, barn is
closed up .  glad I was able to get them all out for a few hours the other day before this
cold spell started.  
 feeding extra hay as it will make heat for them as they digest it.
at night I turn all the minis loose in the barn,  they have 3 long stalls to share,  so the pony and 2 of the little geldings are in that section.  my mini is a little lame so he has a blanket on,  and is kept in his own stall, but at night I open his door and let the little mare in with him  so they have 2 stalls to share, and their body warmth will keep them warmer. 
 well, time to go out and feed them now,  wind has been blowing all night,  30 to 60 mph  alll night. 
 take care everyone and stay warm as this is going on all over the country.
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CERAMICGIRLWhat can I say about myself? I have been happily married to my second husband for the past 42yrs. will celebrate the 43rd. in May 2010 The old saying, "Second time around" I just turned 67 this past june.  mother, of 4 great kids, 2 girls, 2 guys. Grandmother of 6 Fantastic grandkids. 4 girls, 22, 22, 21 yr .  2 boys  18 and 15 .  most of you know me on the Delphi forums as Lady Andy (ceramicgirl)

I decided to update this on Sept. 3, 2009    with current ages and dates. Most of you know me from the forums  Lady Andy   (ceramicgirl)

wow, need to add to this or at least update it,  here we are in April, 2012
 will be celebrating 45 yrs. of marriage in May.   I will be 71 in June.
along with the 4 children all grown up, my 6 grandkids are grown up, youngest is 18 yrs. now,   we now have 3 GREAT Grandchildren,  a 2 yr. old boy & his 1 month old sister, living in Virginia,   and a 5 month old boy living here near us.
 they are growing up so fast,  

 I can be found on Facebook too, only as Naydine Mae Stump Owens.
 I guess that is it for now,   

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