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11/3/18 1:07 PM

update on farm

wow, it has been 2 years since I was in here,  life has had me on the go .
things are still the same,  except for my daughter's little mini mare.
this mare breaks out in hives every summer,  we finally took her to cornell
for testing, poor thing is allergic to 17 things, mostly timothy and other grass,
weeds and hay, plus dust mites, mold, etc.  
now we have to figure out what to feed her, as my hay is the timothy plus 
orchard grass and other junk.  lol
daughter does not want to use alfalfa for fear of founder and colic, so she 
is opting for shots, which I will have to give to her. arggg. but I can do it. 

getting into fall weather, lots and lots of rain, which makes Mud Mud Mud.
I still have my old mini Lucky, going strong on good days. 
Our Pony and mustang both have turned 30 years old,  we had a birthday
party for them at the 4H regional show in July   .   

if anyone reads this and has any ideas on Hay for a miniature horse that does
not have timothy, please let me know. 
until I remember to stop in here again,   good luck, God Bless. 
Naydine,  aka ceramicgirl, or Lady Andy 
8/19/16 5:05 PM

update on farm

my Lucky
a lot of changes on the farm this summer.  my eldest son and his GF have been updating the barn and making it more modern and weather proofed.
mean time I have been dealing with health issues , sciatica so have not done much with my horses.  I have gone to 2 shows and getting ready for 
NY State Fair   I still have my Pleasant Acres Golden Boy aka Lucky  he has arthritis so bad and yet has a desire to live .   I let him out every day
on grass and let him walk around the farm as much as i can  due to heavy traffic. I have to be out there to watch him  as there are days, he can really 
move around.  
Vet said as long as he is eating, peeing and pooping  and does not get in a down position where he can not get up, he will do fine. 

as for State Fair, I have worked the pinto that I snow since the last of june.  hoping and praying he will listen to me,  the last show i had to cancel my 
driving classes with him , But I did put him in obstacle and hunter/jumper classes, he loved it,  that is what we are doing at state fair as long as  I can 
walk and keep up with him.  we also will have 3 driving classes.   

as for the other horses, they are all doing fine.  it has been a very HOT summer but they have stalls with room to move, plus can come out doors when 
they want to. 

so until later, that is the newest here. 
4/3/16 8:29 PM

Hello delphi world

Just checking in,  so no one thinks this has been abandoned.  spring is here,  even though we have fresh snow on the ground and lots of ice. 
horses are doing fine,   wings on a prayer dairy farm is doing well with their goat milk, goat soap etc.  chickens are laying eggs and they are
 time to get ready to work the minis and get ready for our first horse show.   Daughter is getting married 21 May and a reception will be held on 
5 June to celebrate the marriage. 
until later.  take care    ceramicgirl 
12/5/15 10:51 AM

2015 activities

here we are in the last month of 2015, what a year.  so much has happened on the farm  this year. 
 my son has reconnected with his high school sweet heart, and she has moved in with him, Bringing
her herd of Goats and a horse.  she is starting her own business  with Goat Milk  and Chicken eggs.
yes, chickens have been bought and moved in.   
 all these changes means i have had to move my horses around  to give her enough stalls for 12 goats.
and another horse. surprising what one can do when it comes to push or shove.  We divided one big stall
and made 3 smaller stalls in it for three of the minis, the 3 smaller ones.   and the other one shares a full
stall with the pony.  they love it.    
 we had a good year for showing our minis,  daughter showed her little mare and brought home 7 trophies
and i showed my gelding, brought home 4 trophies,  a Great surprise for both of us.  
now it is getting time to get ready for the winter months.  Son has put in windows for a couple of my stalls 
in the back  which have always been open.   which will make the stalls warmer when the cold winds blow.
looking forward to next year's show season.   
until next year,  take care,  Have a Merry Blessed Christmas, Happy Hanahkuh, etc. what ever you celebrate 
at this time of year.   
3/26/15 11:36 AM

another year gone by

wow  here we are into 2015 already.  so much has happened,  we had a rough cold winter. spring is trying to arrive, 
 the horses have done well thru all this cold and first time in years that they have been locked up in the barn. 
I've only been able to get them out of stalls a few times, too cold, too icy, too much snow. etc. but they have not 
complained,l which is unusual.  I guess they know what is best for them.  
  Changes have been made in my family life too.  one granddaughter and family just moved to Bolivia for a few years
to help grandson's family business. another Granddaughter just found out she is expecting her 2nd. child next fall. 
 as for me,  I am doing ok,  feel good, just feeling my age. 
 until next time,  take care     
7/31/14 6:12 PM

update on farm.

my Precious Pom

It has been a while since I've been here.  we have had an unusually cold spring & summer so far.

most of our horses are doing fine,  my one mini,  Lucky  has arthritis, real bad, he has been going down hill since Jan. vet could not find anything wrong with him, then he got so he could not walk properly,  long story short, she finally got some x-rays and he has severe arthritis, in what is his shoulder,  on a human it works like our elbow. so he is very stiff legged,  I have him on special meds and joint supplements,  lately I've noticed he is more willing to walk.   I let him out every day so he can walk on his own at his pace.  biggest problem is, I can not keep the weight on him that he should have.
He is 21 yrs. old  so I am hoping he will get thru the winter.

 on another story, My little 14 yr. old Pomeranian had to be helped over the rainbow bridge, we noticed little spots of poop around the house, but nothing to amount to, so we started watching her,  she was not moving her bowels.  we had her x-rayed, and found that her intestines were completely full, and a good size tumor on her rectum, blocking the stools from passing. a hard decision to make but one that was best for her.
other than that, all is well here,   I've done one 2 day horse show, getting ready to go to state fair on 21 Aug.

until I get back here again,  take care, and may the Horse be with you. 

1/7/14 9:26 AM

the weather

we are experienceing some real cold weather in 2014  what a way to start a new year. 
single digets  down to 1 degree, wind chills below zero.  horses are doing fine, barn is
closed up .  glad I was able to get them all out for a few hours the other day before this
cold spell started.  
 feeding extra hay as it will make heat for them as they digest it.
at night I turn all the minis loose in the barn,  they have 3 long stalls to share,  so the pony and 2 of the little geldings are in that section.  my mini is a little lame so he has a blanket on,  and is kept in his own stall, but at night I open his door and let the little mare in with him  so they have 2 stalls to share, and their body warmth will keep them warmer. 
 well, time to go out and feed them now,  wind has been blowing all night,  30 to 60 mph  alll night. 
 take care everyone and stay warm as this is going on all over the country.
5/15/13 9:27 PM

clean stalls

well not much to post  but  I am happy that my grandson has cleaned all my horse stalls.   they look so nice,
weather has been weird,   only in NY can you have all 4 seasons in 1 day.  the other day (Monday) we had sunshine, rain, snow & hail and high winds, cold down in the low 30's and warm up into the 60's 
  had to put a winter blanket on my 25 yr. pony,  poor thing was shaking so bad from being cold  after some 70 & 80 degree weather,  she could hardlly eat her breakfast. she loved the warmth of the blanket though.
 well show season is upon us,  first show for daughter and i will be june 1   but due to taking care of my dying mother in law, for the past 2 months,  I have not started to work my miniature horse.  so I don't know if I will be showing at this one,  but we do have another show june 29 and 30  hoping to get some work done on him for that one.
  My mother in law died last night, tues. may 14   so now it does leave me some time for the horses, but we still have all the final things to do for mom.  my hubby is excutive of her estate (what she has any way)   that will be time consuming.
 meantime, she is at peace and out of pain.
  now to get down to business and get myself in gear again.
 until later,  take care everyone.  thanks to those who take time to read my blog.  a good place for me to express myself and talk about my horses.   LOL  
4/24/13 10:12 PM

nosey people

  well , we got our first SPCA visit for the year   today,  someone turned us in  for sickly horses, laying on the ground dying.
 come on people,  it is spring time,  the fat sassy horses are shedding their winter fur, and 3 days of warm sunshine, they were all laying out in the pens  enjoying the sun, (sun bathing)  
  they guy found nothing wrong,   and thought they all looked good,  I've been over feeding this winter, so they look like rolly pollies  . LOL 
   need to get then groomed and use the shedder on them, but I am also taking care of my dying mother in law  so my days are tied up with her,   I feed the horses earlier in the a.m.   at later at night,  and when my mom has company I can get to the barn to do some cleaning. 
   hopefully things will smooth out soon.
4/20/13 9:43 PM

Weather in NY

well, we are half way thru April,  and we had snow today   after having 82 degree weather 2 days ago.   Mother Nature must be going thru menopause, as she can not make up her mind.   we had real warm weather for a while in feb.  as we usually do, then bitter cold for awhile.  
 Horses are doing fine   when we do get some sun shine, they all stretch out and lay down  absorbing all the sun their little bodies can get.   right now they are in the barn with all doors closed up do to high winds and COLD  
  I will be so glad when it starts staying in the same range of temps.  this up and down stuff is frustrating. 
  until I have time for an update,  do take care,  and Happy Spring to everyone.

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