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Toxic people spew a lot, but are made of glass, and these people deliberately prevent their victims from speaking on their own behalf (aka "our little secret"), which escalates things. I won't be silenced over pettiness.

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Some people get by with a little understanding. Some people get by with a whole lot more.


The People Around You

This one is pretty easy:

If you want to know the people around you, watch how they treat people they don't like, especially those who aren't in much of a position to protect/defend themselves. The "low hanging fruit". Do your friends go out of their way to instigate and antagonize them? Do they take every opportunity, make every excuse, to spin everything said into some kind of *bad* thing they must constantly combat? Are they kissy-huggy and cutesy towards you, but toxic towards the people they don't personally like?

More importantly, are they narcissistic enough that they can't just dislike a person they have little in common with, everybody they don't like must be some wretched villain of some sort?

Then the people around you are showing you, and EVERYONE ELSE, who they really are. Not when they're being take to your face, but when they drop the façade and show their ugly personalities to the people they dislike. Especially if someone doesn't need to be saying anything TO or ABOUT your friends in order to find themselves being targeted with more snark and/or hostility.

......but I get it; nobody's trying to hear that. Nobody wants to run a critical eye over the company they keep and make difficult and uncomfortable realizations. Better to walk through life  half-asleep with their minds and ears closed, flapping their lips on subjects they know little or nothing about, having to do with strangers they've never tried to know, and have no intention of trying to know.

And I know this, because on Delphi, especially in the Delphi Underground and all correlating (directly and indirectly) forums, I have been a straight shooter in a culture of toxic passive-aggression and aggression-aggresaion long enough that people don't wear their masks when they're talking to/about me, but their real selves.

So yeah. I mean, grass is green, the sun is bright And a triangle has three points and three sides. People who want to allege otherwise can direct that foolery elsewhere. 

Conflict Happens

Conflict is unavoidable. No two people are the same, and where differences opinion occur, there's a good chance conflict will follow.

Now, if you're the faint of heart, and you'll vomit blood, eject your skeleton forcefully out of your mouth, and spontaneously combust at the first sign of difficulty....my advice won't help you. You're the kind of fair-weather friend who isn't a friend at all, but a very fickle acquaintance who is unreliable, unrealistic and unimaginative. When the going gets tough, you're already over the hills, and have left a Nastygram in your wake for someone to find, like when an ill-bred cat shits on the carpet, takes off, then goes into "out of sight, out of mind" mode, living life like usual like none of the aforementioned ever happened.

On the other hand, if you're a person worth knowing, you understand that conflict occurs, and that neither party need be 'bad' or 'evil' for a conflict to occur. You have a threshold for stress that can take more than a thimble's worth of adversity before flying off the handle and abandoning ship. When in a conflict, your focus is hashing out whatever misunderstanding or breach of boundaries RESULTED in the conflict, rather than namecalling, making accusations, or making degrading or insulting remarks about someone. If you belong to this second group, you're worth getting to know, and you're COUNTLESS steps above the 'Status Quo' that most human beings fall into.

If you're of the first group, nothing I say will reach you. You've made up your mind to remain ignorant, and to bumble around cross-eyed and repeat stupid mistakes until the day you die. I could talk until I'm blue in the face, but you'll never get it. You can't spare the brainpower, and while I pity you, I certainly don't envy you.

Truth be told...

All of my blog posts, my Social Media posts (et al) are for the Second Group. I know I am not going to change minds, I am simply trying to reach those who have more than their shoe size for a Brain Cell count, who have a strong knack for critical and objective thinking.

So, you Enlightened Few, know - if you don't already - that conflict can't be avoided so long as two people aren't identical, and have ANY differences to them whatsoever. It doesn't have to be the end-all to a friendship or relationship, and - if overcome - can actually make the people involved, AND the unit as a whole, stronger for the experience.

(PS: No, Meep, I am not going to take down this blog because some abusive and controlling tickturd wants the last word in all things. Any further threats will be used as topics in this blog, too, since you like to mouth off, but you've *never* been able to take it as well as you dish it out.)
ZAIGEThe truth will be made readily available on this blog, even if it's twisted and contorted out of context elsewhere.
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