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Stories and incidents involving taxi cabs and buses. I work for a cab company and ride the transit buses quite a bit as well.  I also tend to take trips on Greyhound Bus as well.  
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I feel bad for the two nurses in Texas; and also in some respects for the hospital; the normal feeling most would have is "this can't/won't happen to me".  Also, how much training did they have?  How good/bad was their equipment?
The hospital admin probably didn't plan ahead for ebola, who expected it to be here in the US?
In hindsight, which is 20/20, they and all the other hospitals should be trained, what happens in one part of the world can happen here too

Where is the outrage? Double Standard!

Ferguson, MO... People are outraged over the shooting of of Michael Brown, seems they have a right to be, BUT two police officers get shot, luckily they'll be ok, and no one says a word! 

If I were an officer there, I'd look for another job, why risk your life for a place that doesn't care?

IM This is double standard, shame on everyone

Welfare Queens

I don't mind people who truly need help getting it; but at least be grateful!  I work for a living, pay my bills and these folk get better medical care for free then I do!
So appreciate it and don't tell me " You have to send me a cab, I'm on ACHESS" or have an entitlement attitude.  I'd love to tell them I'm paying for their care, so shut up!  But I can't.... yet lol
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