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There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
-Ansel Adams

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
-Alfred Stieglitz


My New Grandson

Aaron and Mommy
Aaron and Dad
Aaron and Mommy (photo by Dad)
Aaron and Mum (Grandmom, photo by Dad)
MINE!!! (photo by Dad)
Aaron and thrilled Aunt (photo by Dad)
Aaron and ZZ (Granddad, photo by Dad)
Hey, who's the old guy? (photo by Dad)
Aaron and Big Sister Kira
Aaron Lee, day 1

Seven years ago, my oldest son left home to be with the woman he loves. I wrote at that time expressing my concerns that he wasn't ready, that he wasn't mature enough, that he wasn't thinking clearly. I also wrote that I didn't think I was ready.

They were married three months later. The following year they welcomed Kira Marie into their lives. Again, I wrote expressing every parent's normal concerns that they were too young, just starting out, that they were not mature enough or experienced enough to start a family, that they were not ready to be parents. And that I was not ready to be a grandparent. I even had a hard time saying the "g" word.

There is a world of difference between the young couple then and now. They've weathered adversity, job layoffs, and the typical bumps in the road that most couples face. Their daughter is a happy, bright, outgoing marvel, a credit to her parents' love and patience. And you can see the love in their faces at being together. I'm never more proud of my son than when I see what a terrific father he is. And they've stuck together. They've matured. They've kept their heads in the worst of times. They share their joy in good times. As they did a week ago.

On Monday, December 18th, they welcomed Aaron Lee into their family. A big, strapping eight pounds, fourteen ounces. I held him in my arms that night, and darned if he didn't lift his head and look me square in the eye. This is one kid who's going to meet life on his own terms, head-on. Like his father.

Do I think my son is ready? Yes. Me? I'm still not sure. But I'm having too much fun watching him with his children to worry about it!

Welcome to the world, Aaron Lee. You're in the best of company.


Comments (4)

  • 8/13/07 - Sunshine210Congrats on a beautiful healthy grandson! I have a granddaughter who is roughly 5 months older than your grandson. I look forward to updates from your blog.
  • 2/3/07 - Aunt (or as Pete says-Anut) EdeeMuch love to all. They amaze me sometimes. I worry when they face hardships but they never seem to let it get to them. Josh and Jill are the poster children for "Love Conquers All" I love you all.
  • 12/26/06 - Interrobang (INIONDIA)You make me smile. A lot. I don't know of anyone who is ever ready to have a child; or a grandchild. It doesn't matter. They come into our lives and steal our hearts, and we pray that they don't break them. You are a lucky lucky man. And that makes ME very happy, indeed. Mandy (the inion Dia)
  • 12/26/06 - PunstergalWhat a great holiday gift for the whole family!! Little tyke has the same birthday as me(I just KNEW this was going to be a good year!) Grats on the addition, and (((HUGS))) to the whole lot of you. -- Gwendolynn aka punstergal

Windows Platform

Lamp Light, Doylestown, PA
A Quiet Time - Doylestown, PA
windows come in all shapes. Sometimes, they're an architectural detail. Former Masonic Lodge Building, Doylestown, PA
Fonthill Museum, Doylestown, PA
Not all windows have glass. I was staring at this stack of folding lawn chairs when I suddenly realized --- it was staring back! The Fort
Sometimes an object can itself be a window into another time or place. This treehouse is on the banks of the Pennypack Creek. Echoes of Laughter, Bryn Athyn, PA.
A mirror is a window that reflects us back to ourselves. Royal York Hotel, Toronto
Some windows contain surprises. New Hope, PA
Some windows are strictly ornamental. New Hope, PA
Some windows have a deeper significance to people than others. Church, Doylestown, PA
Office Building, Toronto
Valley Forge Visitors Center reflecting the sunset.
Sometimes a window reflects the world back to us. Reflections, Doylestown, PA
Some windows are ultra-modern. This is an office building in Toronto. The coating on the windows is made with real gold. Royal Bank Plaza South
Some windows seem timeless. Strasburg, PA
Conservatory, Casa Loma, Toronto

After browsing my pictures online, a friend recently pointed out that I seem to have "a thing with windows". It had never occurred to me in quite that way before, but I admit it -- I have a bit of a fascination with windows.

A window can mean different things. In Hitchcock's "Rear Window", it was Jimmy Stewart's link to the outside world while he was confined to a wheelchair. It can let you watch life from the safety and comfort of your own home. An open window brings a bit of the outdoors inside. A closed window protects us inside from stormy or cold weather outside.

Windows are frequently decorated, especially for holidays. And is there anything as warm and hospitable as a house with candles lit in the windows at night?

A house can be just a standard feature of a house, or an important architectural detail. And in ultramodern office buildings, it can be the chief architectural material.

From the outside, a window can give us a glimpse of life inside. Or it can show reflections of the world. And what is a mirror but a window that shows us ourselves?

A window can be a means of escape in an emergency. Or it can be a means of entry. When my son, two years old at the time, locked us out of the house and couldn't unlock the door, I had to go in through the second floor window. While attending school in New York City, my sister shared a townhouse with several other women. Friends came and went through my sister's bedroom window because it was adjacent to the roof of the bakery next door. Which surprised the heck out of our mother the first time she visited.

Part of my fascination has to do with symmetry. I shoot things that catch my eye, and I tend to look for strong graphic images or geometric shapes. And windows can come in all shapes and sizes. They often stand in stark contrast to the rest of a building.

Of course, another part of my fascination is the I get to enjoy them... while someone else cleans them.

I don't do windows. I just shoot them.

You'll have to excuse me, I have to go take a couple of aspirin. I have a terrible window pane.


Comments (7)

  • 11/7/06 - kirasmumOK - I agree. What's next?
  • 9/27/06 - tealdustI love love windows...I love love your photgraphs and your text, pure poetry!
  • 7/19/06 - Carol (ladylaughing)bob, um... I'm waiting for the next amazement :)
  • 6/26/06 - LargejakeYa know Bob peeking in windows can get you in trouble. Nice work.
  • 6/22/06 - LizmaeDad, You really do have a wonderful eye for photos. I may not like being in that eye, but you do have a talent for it. Keep up the good work, but keep me out of it. I love you.

Picnic Pics

No prawns here, these are REAL shrimp on the barby.
And more shrimp. A LOT more shrimp!
Barbecue ribs
Funnel cakes are a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) treat. Think doughnuts strung out and deep-fried, then....
...dusted with powdered sugar, and voila!
Cole slaw with a garnish of parsley and a turnip flower
Mini W&Ws for the ice cream
Gummi bears? On ice cream??? Why not?
Enjoy your dessert... with my condiments!
Cry "Picnic" and let's cook the dogs and more!
Sausages with sauteed peppers and onions on fresh-baked rolls
Ok, it's not food, but would you rather eat cole slaw with your fingers!
Rainbow sprinkles.. or jimmies... or --- what do YOU call them?

Come one, come all. You're invited to a virtual picnic! Help yourself to shrimp-kabobs, burgers, dogs, sausages, salads, fruit, and the sundae bar! There's plenty for all!

My family works for a day camp that runs corporate picnics on weekends. I remember as a kid that picnics were a special occasion. Why do people love picnics so much? Summer. Fun. Games. Family. Friends.

And, of course, food. Tons of food.

Chicken, the skin browned and crisp. Ribs falling of the bone with a smoky sauce you just have to lick off your fingers. Corn straight from the farm's roadside stand with melted butter that runs down your chin. Plump, fresh shrimp marinated and grilled lightly with chunks of pineapple and onion and bright red cherry tomatoes. Fruit so full of juice you can practically drink it through the skin.

Hungry yet? Enjoy!


Comments (2)

  • 6/19/06 - KirasmumYum!
  • 6/14/06 - LargejakeOh sure now I find out "pool boy" brought use used shrimp.

Gaggling on company time

The migration begins
"Are we there yet?" "Don't MAKE me turn this parking lot around!"
"Maaaaaa, these wingie-thingies don't work!"

Earlier this spring, a pair of geese decided to nest in a corner adjacent to the glass-enclosed entry to the office building where I work. Mom was no problem, sitting on the nest most of the time, not bothering anybody. But for a couple of days, Dad blocked the doorway and chased a few people who got close, so they had to go halfway around the building to another entrance. Eventually, a detente was established, and he kept vigil from across the parking lot, allowing us access.

After a couple of months, we were becoming concerned that the eggs might not hatch, when one Monday morning someone noticed a movement under Mom's wing, and a small yellow-green head popped up. All six eggs had hatched. Within hours of the first sighting, they were up and wandering around, and then Mom and Dad began to move them out of the nest. It was a rainy morning, so there were plenty of wonderful puddles to swim in and plenty of grass to nibble. Then the migration began to a new home.

When I brought out my camera and approached to start taking pictures, Dad got protective. And hostile. He charged right at me, hissing angrily. I leaned over and hissed right back at him. Ever see a surprised goose? He stopped, looked at me, bobbed his head up and down a couple of times, then backed off. I still don't know what I said, but he hasn't talked to me since! <g>

Oh, yes... The eggs all hatched a couple Sundays ago. On Mother's Day!


Comments (6)

  • 4/30/07 - Landen123Thanks for visiting The USS Powhatan Forum NCC 1967 . The Gaggling on comany time has won first place in our photo Sig Tag Contest for March and April 2007. Congradulations
  • 6/6/06 - Grey Lensman (GreyLensman2)Moby! Welcome!!!! Good to see ya! I had to duck for that last one, though... If you see the Pixies, please invite them to stop by for me. I'll be posting some more picture groups or stories here in the very near future.
  • 6/5/06 - MobyD (Moby46)For a giggle I Googled "gaggling." Got no geese, at least not these geese. Good pics! Honk if you love geese!
  • 6/3/06 - kayleekellyThis is so neat! Litte geese on little geese feet, out for the first time in the big wide world. When I come back for my next life I want to be a wild goose kay lee
  • 6/2/06 - katz24 (24katz)We loved your photo story... Thank you for turning a dreary morning into something out of the ordinary... More, please...  Show Full Comment

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Cheap Trick for "Digital Infrared" Pics

This was converted to grayscale with slight contrast increase
Here is an unedited color image shot through the sunglasses.

I was fishing with my son when I put on a pair of polarizing "blue blocker" sunglasses - the amber colored type.  When I saw how the green leaves turned white, I decided to try putting the sunglasses in front of a different lens. Then at home, playing around, I tried converting the orange-tinted images to grayscale using my favorite quick editor. A little extra contrast, and suddenly I had something fairly close to an image shot through a red filter on infrared film.

These were taken along the Delaware Canal (which parallels the Delaware River) in Washington Crossing Park, Bucks County, PA. Think George, wooden teeth and all, standing in a crowded rowboat. Icy river. Flag flying. Trenton, NJ. Christmas Eve. That Washington Crossing.



Comments (7)

  • 5/30/06 - MisssWow, Grey! That's really cool...I like it!
  • 5/30/06 - Silky (silky_43701)Nice Grey, very nice.
  • 5/29/06 - Grey Lensman (GreyLensman2)Midus - I use a couple of shareware programs that offer a grayscale and a sepia option. My favorite is PolyView. It has a great slide show mode, and is the easiest for navigating through a folder full of pics. The other one is use is FastStone Image Viewer. This one has a great set of border and effects options. Both are available for free download at My thanks to everyone who has visted, and especially to those who left a post.
  • 5/28/06 - Midus (midustouch)Oh I do like the results! I always did like b&w photography but it's not been practical with a digital. This is a great trick and one I'm going to try! Hmmm...wonder if I could find sunnies that would produce a sepia effect? Nice shots btw - they'd make really lovely note cards. Vickie.
  • 5/28/06 - janiceCool idea

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